Chimdi Chekwa   CB   Ohio St


 Round 5



Chimdi is a size-speed ratio cornerback who plays tough in mostly a zone coverage defense. He does a good job fighting off blocks and seems to be a sure tackler.  He is quick to come up and support the run and looks to be an excellent teammate.  Chimdi works well in the context of the defensive scheme and when he does play man-to-man, he gives good effort and is looking to make a big play on the ball.  Chimdi, because of his size and track speed, looks to be a developmental nickel-dime defensive back for the team that drafts him. 



Chimdi plays out of control and, in spite of his speed, does not have the hip-flip or quick-twitch skills that his workout numbers suggest.  He is easily fooled in man-to-man coverage because he is not reading the wide receiver on the fly.  He looks into the backfield at the wrong times, takes false steps and is off balance most of the time.  Chimdi does not possess any real bump and run techniques at this point of his career.  He doesn't seem to have very good hands to make interceptions or to be used as a punt returner on special teams. Also, he looks to me on film to be very duck footed, which could be the reason for his lack of balance and quick twitch ability to flip his hips and stay with a receiver in tight man-to-man coverage.



Chimdi has excellent track speed, but the question is whether or not he has the ability to be anything more than a zone cover corner at the next level?   Because of his natural stance, lack of football instincts, and inconsistent results getting in and out of breaks, I don't see it right now.  Maybe with improved tackling ability along with developing better hands to make interceptions he can be a solid two-deep free safety... as long as he keeps the play in front of him.  He does have good speed, size and solid athletic talent to work with; however, as a corner, it is my opinion that he will struggle at the next level.  


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 Drew Boylhart   April/11