Chris Hairston   OT   Clemson


 Round 2



Chris is a very athletic, talented left tackle.  He shows on film quick feet and the lateral agility to play the left tackle position in the NFL at a very high level.  He is quick out of his stance and plays with pride.  Chris is a big kid and looks like a defensive nose tackle playing left tackle, but once the ball is snapped, this kid moves like a flamingo dancer.  He has excellent pass blocking techniques; he's one of the best tackles in this draft going out to the next level and making a block on a linebacker.  He shows good strength and balance.  When he does get beat, he knows exactly why he got beat and corrects it right away.  Chris is a very smart kid and looks to me to have the athletic talent to play more than one position on the line; however, keeping him on the left side because of his pass blocking talent would be the best way to use Chris to impact your team's offensive line quickly. 



Chris is overweight, which may cause him big problems when he is blocking in the running game.  He is quick out of his stance, but because of his weight, he lunges and gets off balance and struggles to make his blocks with power.  When he tries to cut block, he takes one step and throws himself on the ground, looking more like a beached whale than a tackle.  He must improve his physical stamina because as the game goes on, he labors going out to the next level and making blocks.  All of these issues can be corrected simply by Chris losing about 20 lbs.  On film he looked about 330-350.  He needs to be no bigger than 320, in my opinion -- and even that might be too much weight.  



With the weight, Chris reminds me of a bulky Jason Peters (LT Eagles).  Without the extra weight, Chris has the potential to be a Pro Bowl left tackle.  Additionally, if he corrects his ability to block for the run, he could be a franchise left tackle. Chris is one of those kids that when you are choosing sides on the playground the first day, no one wants to pick him and he is picked last.  On the second day, Chris is the very first pick and the captains are fighting over the coin toss to be the first to select.  He is surprisingly light on his feet and quick out of his stance.  He has such excellent technique when pass blocking, it's almost shocking at first.  But as the game goes on, you can see him laboring; fortunately, the fact that he has such good techniques when pass blocking is the only thing that saves him.  Chris could have been a 1st round pick in this draft if he had been in better shape.  Selecting him at any point in this draft after the first round would be a smart thing.  You have nothing to lose and, if you can get him to keep his weight down, you have just selected a potential sleeper Pro Bowl left tackle.


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