Chris Neild   DT   West Virginia


 Round 1



Chris has excellent size, strength and overall athletic ability to play his position.  He has great mental stamina and physical stamina.  This kid is in shape!  He has very good lateral agility and balance to go along with some impressive foot speed for a person his size.  Chris shows on film to have good quickness off the snap and never stops working into the backfield.  He has solid hand usage and is quick to shed his blocks and make tackles any way he can.  Chris is very smart and was born to play nose tackle in a 3-4 defense.  He has the agility to be used in stunts and understands situational football.  He also has the ability to shoot the gaps and rush the passer.  For a big kid, Chris has decent change of direction skills. He can play defensive tackle in any system and impact.  He can stuff the run, push the pocket and rush the passer.  You have to double-team Chris on every play if you are an offensive coordinator and do not want him to become a part of your backfield.  Chris is one of the best pure defensive tackles in this draft that can play in a 3-4, 4-3, 1-gap or 2-gap defense (wow!).  I call him Chris (Knock, Knock) Neild because all he does all game long is knock on the offensive line's door.  If your team doesn't have a very good center/guard combination, you will have no choice but to let him in and he will EAT YOUR LUNCH.



Doesn't anybody watch film out there any more to do profiles?  I have been waiting for someone to mention this kid's name.  I guess I will be the first.  In fact as of this writing, Chris is not even listed on our board and that's because I've been holding back just to see if anyone would talk about this kid.  My only concern for Chris is that he is not drafted by my favorite team in this draft.



Unless Chris runs a 4.30 sp in the 40 at the combine, you will not hear much about this kid...and running in the 4.30 sp is not likely.  I suspect Chris will run in low fives.  I also know that Chris will not be drafted in the first round.  True nose tackles (unless they are monster size human beings) do not seem to get noticed.  At the Senior Bowl, Chris was 6' 2", 313 lbs.  That's excellent size, but not monster size like a Philip Taylor, who was 6' 4", 337 lbs at the Senior Bowl.  I would draft this kid in a heartbeat before I would draft the DT from Temple and yet, in spite of the fact that Chris was invited to the Senior Bowl, no one talks about him.  There were only 8 DT's invited to the Senior Bowl.  That's right -- 8 DT's out of all the DT's in the country that play college football and Chris was one of those.  I think someone needs to ask the coaches about Chris and see what they think about this kid.  I put a premium grade on offensive lineman and defensive lineman and I always will.  That's why Rob's board will give you in what round Chris will be drafted, but I will give you a handle on the type of player Chris should be at the NFL level.  In past years, true nose tackles would not be drafted until the later rounds, but in the last few years that has changed.  There are so many teams that use a 3-4 defense that Chris might be drafted in the first three rounds.  Here is why I rate Chris as a player with 1st round potential:  Chris can play in any style defense and will dominate or require a double team on most if not all plays.  But, what do I know?!  I must be the only person looking at film to evaluate players in the media world!  I have been wrong before, but in this case, I'm not and I believe his play in the NFL will prove me right.  Chris (Knock, Knock) Neild WILL knock on your door, come into your house/stadium, get into your backfield and eat your lunch all game long.  And THAT'S no B.S.   


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 Drew Boylhart   Feb/11