Christian Ballard   DT   Iowa


 Round 4



Christian has good size and athletic ability to play somewhere on your defensive line.  He uses his hands very well to gain an advantage against his opponent.  Christian looks to be a good teammate and has played a lot of defensive line for his team.  He has been durable and...well, that's it...I got nothing else!



Seriously, though, Christian has played on a line that is considered to be one of the best in college for the last few years and he hasn't shown much of an impact except for being a good complementary teammate.  He looks out of shape.  He shows no consistency rushing the passer, no quickness off the line and really very little technique in using his hands, pushing the pocket or in stopping the run!  He follows a good play with a sloppy play. Most people are suggesting that Christian is playing out of position and in the wrong system.  I'll take any suggestions on what position and in what system he would become an impact player worthy of being drafted in prime time.  Personally, I see a rotation defensive lineman. 



Sometimes I think I'm going nuts.  When I watch a player on film that most are talking about and don't see what they see, I just want to poke my eyes out with pencils.  I don't like telling people the opposite of what is being suggested about a player!  On the other hand, I can't tell a bold face lie -- all I can do is tell you what I see on film.  I have been watching film on this kid trying to see what everyone else is suggesting and I just don't see it.  With the talent on that line and the double teams on Klug and Clayborn, Christian should have the best stats in college and be considered a top ten pick just by default.  I see a solid rotation defensive lineman that might be a starter at some point of his career, but only if he changes his work habits.  In my opinion, there are way too many other defensive linemen in this draft to take a chance on and draft in prime time, rather than Christian.  Why, you ask?  It's simple:  he has not impacted at the college level.  To put this in perspective, I am in the minority when it comes to my profile Karl Klug (Christian's teammate) and now I'm in the minority in my profile of Christian.  All I can say is, let's see in the future what happens to these competing profiles.  It should be interesting.


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 Drew Boylhart  Mar/11