Christian Ponder  QB  Florida St 


 Round 4


Christian has the size, athletic talent and arm strength you look for in a college QB with the potential to be an NFL QB.  He throws the ball with good velocity and has excellent mechanics.  He also has the athletic skills to make first downs with his feet when the pocket breaks down.  Christian looks to be an excellent teammate and seems to have the respect of his teammates and coaches.  He can make all the throws required for the next level and looks to be a very smart QB.  On film he shows me that he is reading defenses, looking off players and going through his progressions -- all of these skills will do him well at the next level.  He reminds me a lot of Trent Green former QB for the Kansas City Chiefs, Washington Redskins, St Louis Rams and Miami Dolphins.  Trent has some great stats and a long career in the NFL, but he bounced from team to team for a reason. 



Christian lacks the accuracy and consistency when throwing the ball that shows up in big games and pressure times of a game.  He needs a very strong running game behind him to be effective.  He makes a good throw or a great play and follows it up with a disaster play.  He is willing to settle for field goals to win a game to take the pressure off himself if a game is close. Christian does not have a good feel in the pocket and goes through his progressions too slow, causing him to hang on to the ball too long or forcing him into throwing an interception at the most important part of the game.  He is the type of QB that has great practices, but is not able to translate his practice skills to game day. 



Every time I see this kid play, he drives me crazy.  He throws late and inaccurate to his backs out of the backfield all the time.  He struggles to hit wide receivers in stride, which will cause problems when he throws against man-to-man defenses.  He does well against zone defense with his accuracy because most of the time the WR's are slowing down and settling into zones.  Christian is a coach killer because, like Trent Green, he will practice and look like a Hall of Fame QB; however, once a game starts, this kid has a problem producing in that same manner.  He is a smart kid and I just bet he can read defenses better than most college QB's, but "classroom" reading and reacting is totally different than reading and reacting on the field.  Christian, in my opinion, just does not have a good feel for the game in general.  He is a fantasy league QB that will break your heart because the wins will not match the stats.  Trent Green was a good QB, but the truth is that Priest Holmes took the Chiefs further than Trent ever could have taken them in the year the Chiefs had a 13 & 3 record.  I'm sure Christian is a good kid, but I just see him having a career very much like Trent Green's going from team to team and only having success if he has a great running game to mask his limitations.  In my opinion, Christian is a project that will fool a lot of people into thinking that he is not because he looks the part in practice and in workouts.   


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Drew Boylhart   Nov/10