Clint Boling OG/OT   Georgia 


 Round 3



Clint shows on film excellent athleticism to be an offensive lineman for the team that drafts him.  He has great lateral quickness and agility and shows very quick foot speed to be used as a pulling offensive lineman.  He does a nice job going to the second level and blocking linebackers.  Clint shows very good leadership skills, mental toughness and physical stamina.  He does not commit very many penalties when he plays his impact position on the line.  Clint is the type of offensive lineman that will get out to block for sweeps and screens very quickly and is a good open field blocker.  For Clint to impact, he has to play his natural position, which is not guard.  Clint is a natural tackle.  Teams thinking he is a guard are making a big mistake...a big mistake, in my opinion.



Clint lacks the natural strength to play the guard position.  His techniques are pitiful when he is run blocking or pass blocking.  He holds his hands too low waiting for contact before he brings them up and he looks confused in understanding blitz from the inside.  His teammates lack the ability to help him out, which makes him look even worse and does not allow him to learn the guard position correctly.  His footwork needs a lot of work for the next level.  I would think in the future he should be an excellent left guard; unfortunately, he is so far behind in his technique work for the inside that I think you would be asking too much of him to bulk up, get stronger and learn everything that is needed of him.  At tackle, everything seems to come easy to Clint.  He can bulk up and become a core player more quickly.  It's simple: at tackle, Clint can use his athleticism to defeat his opponent but at guard, he loses that ability and has to rely on just strength and power and he does not have those natural abilities. 



This kid will play where you tell him to play, but I do not know why anyone thinks that playing him as a guard is a good fit for him in the NFL.  His college team had him playing at right guard when I first saw him and I thought that Clint played like a freshman.  He was pitiful and I was just about to write him off when all of a sudden, they moved him out to right tackle and it was like I was watching two totally different players with the same #60 on his back.  He was quick out of his stance and used better pass blocking techniques.  He was more aggressive in his overall play; you could just tell that this kid's instincts are a perfect fit for the tackle position.  You could also tell through his enthusiasm that he does not like to play the guard position.  He likes the tackle position.  He still needs to get a lot stronger in both his lower and upper body, but the techniques and knowledge are there.  I just think you're wasting your time (because he might not be the perfect size) at making him a guard.  Clint can play tackle much better than he can play guard.  It's just that simple.  Every time his college team put Clint at the guard position, the offense bogged down.  Every time they moved him back to the tackle position, the offense made great strides.  I think the plan for Clint should be to draft him as a tackle who can play either side and be a starting right tackle in the future.  If you are drafting him to be a guard, I suggest you not bother at all.  Clint is a natural tackle and has the potential to be a very good tackle in the near future for the team that drafts him.         


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 Drew Boylhart   April/11