Colin Kaepernick   QB   Nevada


 Round 4


Colin has outstanding athletic talent.  He has excellent arm strength and shows good accuracy.  Colin can use his athletic talent to extend a play when looking for an open receiver or run for a first down.  He moves the ball on third down, which is very important.  He is fearless, but at the same time, makes good decisions when he is under pressure.  Colin has been in the college pistol offense which relies on a QB with the athletic talent that Colin possesses.  It is an offense that allows Colin to move around in the passing game and not have to stay in a pocket under pressure to complete passes. Colin reminds me a lot of Kordell Stewart (former QB Pittsburgh Steelers). 



Colin has a long way to go to be a NFL QB.  He needs to learn how to read defenses, stay in the pocket and only use his athletic running abilities in time of need.  He must develop a better touch on his short passes and more accuracy when throwing on the run.  In most cases, once Colin pulls the ball down and starts to run, he does not look to pass because he is not confident of his accuracy once he's on the move.  He is a smart kid, but needs to develop this part of his game quickly if he wants to succeed at the next level.  Right now, Colin throws the ball through his receivers and not to his receivers.  Colin has a ton of talent for the college level, but his ability to use that talent correctly for the pro level is the big concern.  I consider Colin a specialty QB just like Kordell Stewart was.  Colin, for the first time in his life, will no longer be the best and most athletic player on the field once he is drafted; that alone will be a big shock to him.  He also has to bulk up and get stronger.  His body type right now will not take the pounding at the next level if he doesn't. 



If you are a playoff team with time to develop a young QB, you would be nuts to pass on Colin in this draft.  Colin could be drafted in any round in this draft or, for that matter, not at all.  It will depend on how he performs in the Senior Bowl and in his workouts.  I suspect he will be drafted in the first three rounds because of his size, athlete talent and arm strength alone, but you never know what you're going to get with a QB that comes from an offense that is strange to the NFL. For the time being, Colin has the athletic ability to win some games as a backup QB until he develops.  If he is on the field too early and for too many games in a row, he will be easy to defend.  I could list a ton of things that Colin still needs to learn, but so do most young QB's coming out in the draft.  The question is this Colin ready mentally to become a NFL QB?  Is he ready to change the way he thinks and plays?  There is a big difference in the way Tim Tebow played in college and the way Colin Kaepernick plays although they have similar styles. Tim Tebow understands that he has to change some things and is willing.  I'm not convinced deep down inside that Colin gets this yet.  Until he does, it will take him longer to impact.  The problem for me is that Colin could become another "Slash", which would be unfortunate for Colin based on his talent.  Kordell never developed as a NFL QB because his overall athletic talents stunted his mental QB growth.  Kordell was a specialty QB that was used (at first) in special situations.  Then the Steelers decided to use him as their starting QB because Kordell had such success in specialty situations.  That's when the problems occurred.  Kordell could not adjust to starting and having defenses game planning for him and taking away his strengths.  I guess if you're ready to use the pistol offense in situations like teams use the wildcat offense now, then drafting Colin might make sense.  But if you're a team that is not interested in using that offense, then I would think there are other developmental QB's in this draft you might be more interested in.


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  Drew Boylhart   Dec/10