Colin McCarthy   LB   Miami


 Round 1



Colin is one of the most instinctive linebackers in this draft.  He can play inside or outside linebacker and is a head up, wrap up, squeeze and drive tackling machine.  He shows excellent burst to the play and shows the lateral agility to cover from sideline to sideline if he is needed to play MLB in a 4-3 defense.  Colin also has the agility to stay with the tight end in man-to-man coverage, but like most linebackers, is better keeping his man in front of him in zone coverage so that he can intimidate and fool QB's into throwing into his coverage area.  Colin is very smart and can anticipate the snap of the ball; he blitzes as well as any stand-up linebacker.  Colin is a pure linebacker who can play in any style defense.  Colin can play inside in a 3-4 or inside or outside in a 4-3.  He is not a 3-4 hand on the ground, drop back in coverage linebacker.  When you draft Colin, you are drafting a true linebacker who just might be the best pure linebacker in this draft.



Colin does his job, but he is not interested or worried about his teammates and what their jobs are.  He is not a coach on the field; but then again, with the former lack of good coaching on this college team, maybe they never asked that of him.  In my opinion, selecting Colin would be a solid pick in this draft and your team won't have any regrets about this choice.



Colin is a joy to watch on the field. You want him to blitz between the tackles and...he does it.  You want him to stuff the run at the line and...he does it!  You need Colin to cover a tight end man-to-man...he does it!  If you need Colin to drop in zone and smack the living crap out of a receiver coming across the guessed it, he does it!  You want Colin to trick a QB into an interception, he does that too.  Like I said, he can stop the run and deliver a blow that will make the best running backs fumble the ball.  His instincts and football intelligence are outstanding and that usually means his work ethic is outstanding also.  I call him Colin (He Does It) McCarthy because whatever you ask of him, he gets it done.  Most of the time linebackers like Colin are selected in the 2nd and 3rd rounds, so look for Colin to be selected in one of those rounds; however, make no mistake about it.  He has first round talent and will impact for your team the day after you draft him.  I would think teams like the Ravens, Colts, Patriots, Steelers, Bills, 49er's and just about any team in the NFL needs a linebacker like Colin (He Does It) McCarthy.


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 Drew Boylhart   Feb/11