Corey Liuget   DT   Illinois


 Round 4



Cory has good size, strength and athletic talent to play his position. He shows on film some excellent quickness in a short space to shoot gaps and get into the backfield to disrupt plays on the college level.  Cory does a nice job engaging blocks and shedding them to make a tackle when playing the the college level. He shows quick feet and decent change of direction skills when rushing the passer to be more than just a push the pocket defensive tackle.  Corey gives good effort and looks to have some leadership skills through his play on the field. 



Cory has to get a lot stronger in his upper body.  He is a sloppy tackler and, at the next level, players will be breaking tackles on him all over the field.  When he goes to tackle, he lunges and does not bring his feet.  He plays way too high when defending against the run.  His first move off the line of scrimmage is good, but he struggles to continue into the backfield on passing downs and is content to wait and let the play come to him.  His has no pass rushing techniques right now and will need a whole lot of coaching in this area.  Corey gives good effort on every play, but after his initial move off the line, he has lazy feet.



This kid is going to need a whole lot of coaching to reach the potential his talents suggest that he can become.  I'm not sure of his work ethic and I'm not sure of his overall football intelligence.  You can see his athletic talent, but the truth is with that talent, Corey should be making more of a significant impact at the college level.  I'm not sure Corey realizes the work that is ahead of him to become a complete defensive tackle and this concerns me more than anything else about him.  Corey will need time to mature on the field and the teams that should draft him should be teams that already have strong coaching and experience leaders on the field to take this kid under their wings and work him in slowly.  Teams that are not playoff teams or do not have strong defenses should be looking at players with less developmental time.  Corey reminds me of Barry Cofield (DT Giants) who was drafted in the 4th round of the 2006 draft.


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 Drew Boylhart    Feb/11