Curtis Marsh   CB   Utah St


 Round 1



Curtis has the natural instincts, athletic abilities and football intelligence that, in the future, could make him a Pro Bowl cornerback for the team that drafts him.  He is quick enough to handle the smaller receivers, but has the size and strength to defend in the red zone against the tall possession receivers.  He is very smart, understands his responsibilities and accepts help when the play may require him to look to his teammates for assistance.  He is a sure tackler and comes up very quickly to support the run, but not if he doesn't have help over the top.  This kid is smart beyond his cornerback years.  I call him Curtis (Mish) Marsh because receivers are going to be very confused as to how he is shutting them down.  This kid is a big time sleeper in this draft. 



The overall quality of receivers that he has been up against may be a concern, but his workouts are very good and his game production has been consistent.  In doing a search on Curtis (after I saw him on film), I discovered that this kid has only played corner for one year.  All I can tell you is that his skills after one year are remarkable and his mature play on the field is shocking.



A sleeper is a sleeper for a reason.  This kid truly might be the third best corner in this draft; unfortunately, he will not come close to sniffing the first round.  They invited him to the Senior Bowl and he got injured (or they said he got injured), so he could not show how well he would hold up against that quality receiver.  Therefore, drafting Curtis early in this draft is a high risk situation unless you have seen him play.  I'm sure the scouts know all about this kid.  They also know that if they don't talk about him and he doesn't have an agent speaking about him to the media, Curtis will still be available in the third or fourth rounds, making some scout look really good to his boss.  Oh well, what can I say?  The cat is out of the bag...and so is Curtis.  Keep looking at Rob's board to see what round this cat lands in and hope your team drafts him.  This kid has "big time" written all over his play on the field and later in free agency. 


 The BS Detector 

 Drew Boylhart   Feb/11