Danny Watkins   OT   Baylor


 Round 1


If you want a left tackle that plays with the tenacity of a beaver building a dam on your property for the sixth time and blocking up the creek you use to water your crops, then you want to draft Danny Watkins.  Danny reminds me a lot of David Diehl (LT Giants).  Danny has excellent strength and football intelligence.  He is a very good pass blocker and a better run blocker.  He has the athletic ability to be used in a pull system or go out and block for screens.  Danny is one of the better cut blockers that I have ever seen come out of college.  His technique is the safest and most effective, requiring strong athletic talent and timing on Danny's part.  Danny, when he pass blocks, almost looks bored because he really loves to run block.  Don't get me wrong -- he is an excellent pass blocker that attacks his opponent with a noticeable punch and feet quick enough to mirror his opponent.  I believe Danny could play any position on the offensive line and play them all at a very high level. He has that kind of intelligence, mental stamina and talent.  He also displays leadership abilities through his play on the field. 



Danny is aggressive and gets excited, which creates a lot of false starts.  He must calm down and not give away his blocking assignment.  He is strong but if he lines up differently when he is pulling or going out to block for screens, the pros will nullify his effectiveness.  Danny has to become more patient and let his opponent come to him and then react to his opponent.  Danny will improve in the NFL quickly because everything is faster at the next level and these concerns might not be a problem -- except for the penalties. 



Danny is a multi-talented offensive lineman that can play more than one position at the next level and play them all at a very high level.  He most likely is a systems left tackle, but because of his versatility, Danny should be selected early in this draft in my opinion.  However, stranger things have happened in the draft and it would not surprise me to see Danny drafted in any round because offensive lineman like Danny are sometimes overlooked for reasons such as some teams think he is a guard and others might not know what his true position will be in their systems.  I feel this will be a big mistake because Danny can truly play any position.  I think the best example I can use for such an anomaly happening to Danny is David Diehl who was drafted by the Giants in the fifth round of the 2003 draft.  David became an immediate starter and, in his rookie season, started all 16 games.  In 2005, David Diehl played yet another position, starting 15 regular season games at left guard and 1 game at right tackle. That was the season Tiki Barber rushed for a franchise-record 1,860 yards, and Eli Manning passed for 3,762 yards.  Now David is the starting Left Tackle for the Giants after playing multiple positions over the years for the Giants.  Danny Watkins has David Diehl type of talent.  It is the type of talent that you draft and plug in to your line right away at any position in which your line may be weak.  I call him Danny (Beaver) Watkins because of his tenacity to play his very best at any position.  


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  Drew Boylhart   Nov/10