Davon House   CB/S   New Mexico St


 Round 2



Davon has the athletic talent to play at the next level.  He has the speed, quickness and strength to play the cornerback or free safety positions. He is a very smart player and has some leadership skills.  Davon is one of the most technically sound defensive backs in this draft.  He doesn't make many mistakes in coverage in either man-to-man or zone.  He understands how to read (on the run) a receiver in coverage and in zone.  He also has solid football intelligence and understands situational football.  Davon has the potential to be an impact defensive back if he wants it bad enough. 



Most people are going to suggest that he would be rated higher if he were up against better competition.  Personally, that is not my main concern.  I say the reason Davon is not rated higher is that he lacks aggressiveness in supporting the run.  He comes up fast enough and engages, but he does not fight through his blocks or shed his block and try to make a tackle.  He lets others do the work and, on film, this looks like he is playing not to get hurt.



I'm not suggesting this kid is scared, but I'm suggesting he might be too smart for his own good. This kid has the talent and the smarts to be considered a top defensive back.  I know the competition and wide receivers in the WAC are few and far between.  I know that most teams don't challenge him or run to his side.  I know I have him on film in the box against two tight end formations, but what I don't have is him making many tackles.  What I have on film is a kid who has talent, but is not aggressive and does not lead his team through his play on the field.  I see him frustrated and, at times, bored or frustrated when his team is losing, instead of leading by example.  I just see a player who, as long as he is making good money, will not accept responsibility for what is happening on the field as long as it is not happening against him or because of him.  Remember that saying, "It's not my job, man"!  In defense of Davon, maybe he just needs to get to the NFL to blossom.  I have seen that happen before...better talent around him might bring out all the talent in him.  Davon has unique talent and there's no real reason not to take this kid early.


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 Drew Boylhart   Feb/11