DeMarco Murray   RB   Oklahoma


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DeMarco is a long striding running back that has finally learned that running between the tackles and making plays by breaking tackles is not how he will stay on the field and impact for his college team and for the next level.  He has improved this year in his football intelligence most of all.  He has always been a fast running, quick cutting tailback, but injuries have limited his ability to impact.  DeMarco shows good vision and when he is in the open field, he will scare the spots off a dalmatian.  He shows excellent hands to catch the ball down the field and is a multi-dimensional running back that if used correctly will impact just being on the field. Demarco Murray's smooth gait and his long stride make him very hard to catch and tackle once he has his hands on the ball in space.  He has the size to handle being more than a specialty player but not the bulk to be a franchise running back that handles your team's running game every play.  That being said, DeMarco does have the potential to be a franchise player if you move him around your offense.  I'm calling him DeMarco (The Prayer) Murray and if you keep reading, you'll find out why. 



DeMarco has improved his football intelligence, but for the next level, he will have to learn how to read defenses like a QB and pick up blitzing LB's or his worth to a team will be less impacting and he will not be a franchise player.  I think he will do it.



Do you remember these players?  Marshall Faulk, Thurman Thomas, Curtis Martin?  Those players were running backs that fit a spread offense system perfectly.  They could carry the ball, catch a pass down the field like a wide receiver, read defenses like a QB and... they all could block a blitzing LB like a fullback.  DeMarco has this type of potential.  I suggest that Demarco watch film of how Thurman Thomas blocked to protect his QB, then watch film of Curtis Martin running and picking his way through traffic to gain yardage and then watch film of Marshall Faulk and how he ran routes split out as a WR.  DeMarco has to continue to improve in all of his skills, but as he does, he should be able to impact on special teams right away and be used as a slot receiver on third downs.  Right now Reggie Bush (Saints) and Matt Forte (Bears) come to mind as players who are almost as good as the players I mentioned before, but they are still learning.  Bush has become an important part of the Saints' offense.  I think his injury this year has magnified his importance to his team.  Matt Forte is going to be another player who is smart and multi talented and is improving in the new offense that the Bears are running.  (You can see both these original profiles in the archives).  DeMarco must be thought of in the same way as a multi dimensional player who, if moved around the offense, will impact as a RB, WR and blocker.  Like I said before, I call him DeMarco (The Prayer) Murray because defense should say a prayer when they have to go up against him and his offensive coordinator should pray that he turns into the player I think he can be.


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Drew Boylhart   Nov/10