Delone Carter   RB   Syracuse


 Round 3



Delone is a powerful and well-built running back who shows excellent overall athletic talent to play his position at the next level.  He shows on film to have quick feet, an excellent burst and the speed to be used to run the ball inside or outside the tackles.  He shows effortless, natural pass-catching skills to be used for checked downs plays and for swing passes out of the backfield. Delone has the bulk to be able to be used as an every down back.  He shows excellent quickness to the line and into the hole; he very rarely gets caught in the backfield on running plays through the tackles.  He is the type of back that has the unique ability to fall forward when he gets tackled.  He can be used on third downs to block because he is tough enough and shows good technique when picking up the blitz.



When I watched Delone during the season, he was not as quick as he showed in the Senior Bowl.  In his defense, I believe he was fighting a hip injury during the regular season, which would cut into his quickness.  He is a straight-line runner who does not show the vision and lateral agility to make cuts in the hole.  He is a running back that fits a zone blocking scheme offensive system.  Delone also lacks consistency when blocking and picking up a blitz.  He will pick it up on one play, then on the next, he seems to be unsure and is late to make a block on time.  He either is struggling to read defense or this part of the game is not a priority to him.  Either way, he could get his QB killed at the next level if he doesn't become more consistent in this phase of his game.  Delone is vertically challenged, which can be a gift or curse at the next level.



Delone is the type of back (in the right system) that can come in and help you right away.  He could also make mistakes that will get your QB sniffing smelling salts for a week!  He has excellent talent, strength, power and is a one-cut and go running back.  If you don't catch Delone at the line of scrimmage, he will beat on your defense all game long.  If Delone was more consistent and showed vision and lateral cutting ability in the hole, he might be considered a franchise back.  He has the speed and quickness to go along with his other attributes.  But for the purpose of this draft, he is a systems running back with the ability to develop into a multiple offensive system running back.  Teams that are running zone blocking scheme will rate this kid higher than teams that do not, which means Delone should be in play for all 32 teams from the third round on in this draft. 


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 Drew Boylhart   April/11