Dontay Moch   OLB/DE   Nevada


 Round 1


Dontay has the speed, quickness, size, strength and intelligence to play any one of the linebacker positions in any system or become your speed rushing Defensive End position in a 4-3 like Dwight Freeney (DE Colts).  Dontay is a freak of nature and I mean that in a good way.  He can flip his hips and cover a receiver like Troy Polamalu.  He can also rush a QB from a three point stance with the strength, speed and quickness that most defensive ends in this draft do not possess.  When Dontay is moved around a defense and is standing up, he is as disruptive as Clay Matthews (LB Packers) and virtually impossible to block at the college level.  I do not believe there is any other player in this draft that is as multi-talented as Dontay.  I call him Dontay (The Destroyer) Moch because if you move him around your defense, he will destroy the opponent's offense.  



At what position do you play a player who could play multiple positions on your defense at a high level?  Do you make him your middle linebacker because of his speed and coverage abilities or do you make him your weakside LB?  Perhaps you play him on the strong side to cover TE's and large slot receivers?  Maybe you play him at defensive end like Dwight Freeney in spite of him being vertically challenged.  My suggestion is you play him at all of these positions...just not at the same time (ha ha!).  I have no concerns about Dontay's ability to impact at some position for the team that drafts him.  I do have concerns about who coaches him at the next level and if they will be smart enough to understand the potential Dontay has to impact at more than one position and not just play him at one position like Brian Urlacher and limit his ability to impact.    



I tell you the truth...I believe I saw a cape fly out of Dontay's uniform one time.  I saw Dontay (from a three point stance) cover a slot receiver 30 yards down the field and defend (successfully) a pass from one of the better college QB's in the Boise St game.  I know what you're saying right now.  You're thinking that I am being overly excited and exaggerating about Dontay's abilities.  All I can tell you is this, when I profile a player and see talent like this along with a kid that shows me on the field that he has good character, you're damn right I get excited!  This kid might just be one of the best defensive players in this draft.  You are talking about talent as good as Troy Polamalu, Dwight Freeney and Brian Urlacher combined into one person.  I told everyone about Clay Matthews (LB Packers) in the 2009 Draft (see Archives for profile).  Nobody but the Packers believed me.  Now I'm telling everyone about Dontay Moch and I'm suggesting to you that this kid should be a top ten pick.  The teams that pass on him will be very sorry for years to come.  If used correctly, Dontay will become the focal point of your defense and a franchise defensive player for your team.  In my opinion, Brian Urlacher never should have been tied down to just playing middle linebacker.  I feel that Brian could have been as dominating a player as Lawrence Taylor (OLB Giants) if he had been used like Lawrence.  Right now, Brian is a very good middle linebacker that has to be accounted for, but can be handled if you have a smart offensive game plan.  If Brian was used more like Clay Matthews, I think you would have see how dominating a player Brian could have been instead of just being a very good player.  The team that drafts Dontay should allow him to use his athletic talent to dominate.  He should not be slowed down and made to think and worry about his teammates and what their assignments are and if they are in the right spot before the snap of the ball.  Dontay should be allowed to play like Lawrence Taylor and Clay Matthews -- uninhibited by schemes or formations.  Use Dontay to attack the line of scrimmage on every play no matter what the down and distance is.  Allow Dontay to destroy the other team's flow to their offense.  Force the other team's Offensive Coordinator to account for Dontay on every play no matter if it is a run or a pass.  Watch Rob's value board to see were this kid lands in the draft, but for me, he is a top ten pick on my board. 

 The B S Detector 

  Drew Boylhart  Nov/10


Update - 02/2011 


I just finished looking at the film for the Shrine Game.  I wanted to see if Dontay had the linebacker skills that I thought he had because of the athletic talent he showed me on film during the college season.  It seems the coaches and scouts were all on the same page as I was.  Dontay was first used as a OLB on the line of scrimmage, but was not used to rush the passer.  His responsibility was in covering man-to-man in the short zones on the tight end.  He did a very good job.  He got beat one time when the tight end went down the slot and Dontay came off him to quickly to cover short in the zone.  Dontay struggled one running play to his side because he tried to make the play and did not string out the blocking so others could make a play.  He was coached up on the sidelines and the next time the offense ran the sweep, Dontay squared up, strung out the play and turned it inside for the LB to make a tackle.  Later in the game, they used him as an OLB in the 4-3 off the line.  He did very well, but does lack the instincts that repetitions at that position will give him in time.  As the game went on, he definitely showed improvement  and, in play action, he waited to react so that he would not get fooled as much.  Dontay has a lot to learn, but he has the athletic talent and is stout against the run when he uses the correct techniques.  He reminds me a lot of Jonathan Vilma (LB Saints).  I feel given time, he will be as good a linebacker as Vilma.  I am still very high on this kid's abilities to be an impact player for the team that drafts him.  I know others are not, but that's why I am who I am.  I'm not afraid to look at a player and see he has talent but is just playing the wrong position for the next level.  Sometimes I'm wrong and sometimes I'm right.  I know Dontay most likely will not be drafted in the first round, so keep looking at Rob's board (THR Value Board)and be excited if your team drafts him.  It means your team just drafted a potential impact player in the draft and isn't that what the draft is all about?!

 The BS Detector 

  Drew Boylhart   FEB/11