Drake Nevis   DL   LSU


 Round 5



Drake is a smart player who has good quickness in a short space and can be used in a 1-gap attack defensive system to pressure the passer.  He gives good effort on every play and has excellent stamina for a player his size.  Drake looks like he is a good teammate and works well in the context of his team's defensive system.  Drake does a nice job using his hands when rushing the passer.  He is quick out of his stance and if his offensive opponent is not as quick, Drake will cause a lot of problems and disrupt the offensive line's blocking scheme.  For his college team, Drake plays multiple positions on the line.  When they play a 4-3 defense, he is used as a defensive tackle and when they play a 3-4 defense, he plays on the nose.  I have also seen Drake play the Defensive End position.



Drake doesn't have the foot speed to rush the passer from the outside.  He gets a good jump and uses a swim move, but his lack of change of direction skills leaves him following plays after his initial move off the line.  Drake does not use his hands when he is defending against the run and gets moved off the line at the college level.  When he anticipates the snap, he gets into his man quick, but then pushes by turning his back and pushing the line with his legs.  This is sloppy technique for a player who has played as much as Drake has for his team.



I think Drake is a rotation defensive lineman that you slant to allow him to get into the backfield quickly to disrupt the blocking scheme of his opponent.  He will make a play for you every now and then if he guesses right because he has good quickness.  However, Drake looks to me to be the type of player you can use inside or out to give your starters a break and surprise the starting offensive linemen with fresh quickness on passing downs.  I don't feel at this point of his career that if Drake refused to learn the correct techniques in defending against the run at the college level that he is all of a sudden going to learn and use those correct techniques at the NFL level.


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 Drew Boylhart   Feb/11