Greg Little   WR   North Carolina


 Round 5



Greg has excellent size to play his position. He shows overall good athletic ability to be an impact wide receiver who could move the chains.  He reminds me a lot of Hines Ward (WR Steelers).  Greg does not have the quickness that you would like to see in a wide receiver, but he does have strong hands and will fight for the ball in the red zone.  Greg has the stoutness that will allow him to play as a slot receiver and, if he continues to learn, he should become a good run after the catch receiver.     



First of all, Greg needs to understand the style of receiver he will be at the next level.  He is not a speed receiver and right now, he plays like one.  He does not run routes very well and if he expects people to think of him in the same way they think of Hines Ward, this kid better get tougher, become more of a team player and learn to block like a tight end on the edges.  He must stop trying to out run opponents, enhance his football intelligence and develop route running creativity if he wants to truly impact in the NFL.  In short, Greg needs to be more mature in  every aspect of his life -- both on and off the field.



Greg does have talent.  He is not quick and he is not fast; however, if he matures, he has as much talent as Hines Ward does.  I'm not convinced he has the football maturity, intelligence or work ethic to be successful at the next level, but he does have the talent.  Maybe he will be that Hall Of Fame player that you drafted late in the 2011 draft.  For me, personally, I believe there are better choices at WR with the instincts and football intelligence to add more to a team than talent.  As I always say, it takes more than talent to play in the NFL and Greg would be a good example of that.  


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 Drew Boylhart   March/11