Greg McElroy   QB   Alabama


 Round 3



Greg is the type of quarterback that does everything very well.  He has a good arm, manages the game plan well, can make most of the throws with accuracy and velocity, has solid athletic skills and looks to be a quality teammate.  He helps the players around him to be better and is a good extension of the coaching staff on the field during the game.  Greg has played in a pro-style offense that uses multiple formations.  He is a smart QB with excellent football intelligence.  Greg is the type of quarterback that can help a team right away because of his familiarity with a pro offense.  He is comfortable in the pocket and, when he is throwing on rhythm and getting the ball out on time, he is very accurate. Greg can get into a zone and pick a team apart and, when he gets into one of those zones, he reminds me a lot of Frank Reich (former back-up QB, Buffalo Bills).



Greg can come out and rip you up on a series, then fall apart the next.  He struggles with leadership in adverse situations and cannot adjust during a game if the game plan is not working.  He has never had to carry a team.  He's had very good players around him and excellent coaching to lean on when things are going wrong.  Greg has always had a very good offensive line to block for him.  He does not show any feel for the pocket when it breaks down; I do not see him throwing on the run and being accurate.  He does not extend plays very well.  In short, Greg is very robotic. 



Greg is a good quarterback, but he is just not a great quarterback.  What you see is what you get right now with Greg.  He can start for a team and, with the right coach and players around him, he can be very successful.  He struggles in the red zone because he doesn't want to make mistakes.  If you have him in an offense that has a strong running game and uses play action, this kid will do just fine.  However, don't change coaches or try to use him in a different style offense because he does not have the flexibility mentally to adjust.  He is too conservative in his overall play.  He looks to be on film the type of person that will beat himself up more than a coach can if he turns the ball over because he took a chance.  He will then go into a shell for the rest of the game and a few games after. Greg might be too nice of a person to become a great quarterback. I don't think he would ever yell at a teammate if they were screwing up.  Greg's teammates like Greg and respect Greg only because he is a good person, but not because he is a good leader.  In my opinion, Greg would be an excellent back up, which is why I mentioned the comparison to Frank Reich who was Jim Kelly's back-up QB for nine years.  Frank never caused trouble and was Jim Kelly's best friend on the team when they played together.  Frank also won some important games when he was called on when Jim got injured.  When Frank got a chance to start with other teams later in his career, things fell apart because he did everything very well but not good enough to carry a team that was not strong around him.  Every team needs a QB like Greg because he is good in the locker room, on the field, and in emergency situations.  Greg can win four games for you when your starting QB gets injured and help the team get to the playoffs and Super Bowl, but as a starter, his game will only take you so far.  I would think the Colts, Patriots, Packers, Steelers, Saints and Falcons would love to select Greg at some point in this draft.


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 Drew Boylhart    Jan/11