Greg Salas   WR   Hawaii


 Round 2



Greg has the strength to play his position.  He shows on film strong leadership skills through his play on the field.  He has great quickness and uses those quick, choppy steps to make his cuts and get separation.  He is a very smart route runner and understands how to set up and read a cornerback as he is running his route to get open.  Greg has strong, capable hands and very good run after the catch ability to move the chains.  He is a fearless receiver who will go over the middle, look for the contact and smile after he gets hit.  When he catches the ball, Greg has the ability to make a few yards with opponents hanging all over him.  If you are not strong enough to tackle this kid, he will break a tackle and embarrass you.  Greg is a double move style of receiver who will cause all sorts of problems in the red zone.  In the middle of the field, he will impact as a slot receiver; in the red zone, you can play him anywhere because he is a good blocker and his quickness and strength will be difficult to match up against. 



Greg doesn't have that long speed you like to see in a franchise receiver, but if your team runs the WCO or is a team that uses a lot of crossing routes, you are going  to want to draft Greg early.



Greg is smart and runs routes with instincts.  He gets his head around fast.  If you hit this kid on time and in rhythm, he will break a big play or two every game for you.  Last year I profiled a player as a third round talent who did not get drafted.  The Colts finally signed this kid only because they had so many injuries at the wide receiver position.  His name was Blair White and you can read his profile in the Archives.  This is the reason we use the two board system.  I don't know what round Greg will be drafted in, but I do know this -- the team that drafts him will get an impact player.  Receivers with Greg's speed usually don't get selected until late in a draft (if at all), but the fact is that this style of receiver is all over the league and impacting.  The list is long from Blair White (WR Colts) to Davon Bess (WR Dolphins), Jordan Shipley (WR Bengals), Riley Cooper (WR Eagles), Austin Collie (WR Colts), Jordy Nelson (WR Packers), Anthony Gonzalez (WR Colts) and even Hines Ward (WR Steelers) who was not drafted until the 4th round in 1998 with me screaming at my favorite team for passing on him in every round.  Greg Salas has the potential to be this style of wide receiver and impact for his team the day after you draft him.


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 Drew Boylhart   March/11