Jabaal Sheard   DE   Pittsburgh


 Round 2



Jabaal has good size and an excellent burst off the line to rush the passer.  He has the ability in the passing game to dominate his opponent because of his quickness and strength.  Jabaal has good feet and keeps his balance and shows decent change of direction skills when rushing the passer. He is big enough to play DE in a 3-4 defense and quick enough to play DE in a 4-3 defense.  In a 1-gap attack defensive scheme, Jabaal would be a load to handle on the inside or outside.  The kid has natural pass rushing talent and, given the time and some hard work, he could become an impact defensive lineman for the team that drafts him. 



Jabaal plays in a 2-gap system and struggles to understand how to stop the run in that style of defense or doesn't really care to stop the run.  It seems to me like he is just confused and doesn't understand how he is being blocked when a team is running at him.  Either Jabaal struggles to bring coaching from the practice field into a game or the coaching in Pittsburgh was poor... you be the judge.  He uses his hands well when rushing the passer, but doesn't use his hands very well to engage and shed at all when trying to stop the run.  Last, I did a search on Jabaal and came up with an off-field altercation that should be explored before drafting him.



There is a lot of natural talent with this kid.  I would check to see if this kid went to class, what classes he took and what his marks are.  If he has done well in school, then I'm going to suggest that Jabaal's full focus was not on football and that this kid has some big time upside to his game.  But if this kid's GPA doesn't register high marks, that would mean to me that Jabaal has a work ethic problem or a learning problem.  Do your homework on this kid.  Jabaal had an off-field incident.  It seems he got into an altercation at a museum!  Not a bar or party in the wee hours of the night, not hitting a woman or using drugs or failing to pay child support.  He beat up some guy in a museum (or art gallery) in the middle of the day!  I think checking on Jabaal's work ethic and ability to learn is more of an issue than this, but once again...you be the judge. There is some natural talent here and if this kid is ready to work harder than he has ever worked before, then you have just drafted yourself a potential Pro Bowl defensive lineman.  I think this kid just needs a little family atmosphere around him to bring out all of his talents.  Look for teams like the Packers, Bills, Steelers, Browns, 49er's, Rams, Redskins and Vikings to look hard at drafting this kid in the 2nd or 3rd rounds. 


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