Jacquizz Rodgers   RB   Oregon St


 Round 2



There is an unusual toughness to this kid's running style that makes him the running back that he is.  He plays bigger than his size because of his technical skills and intelligence.  He has good speed, but mostly is a change-of-gear type of running back that knows how to follow his blockers.  He is not the type of back that is going to make something out of nothing until he breaks the line of scrimmage.  He shows excellent hands to catch the ball and although I did not see him blocking very much, I have no doubt that he can do it.  In the open field, Jacquizz does not go down easy and yet he knows how to protect himself from taking hits that might put a small back out of the game.  He was a durable running back for his college team and although he looks to be more of a specialty back for the next level, his technical skills and intelligence tell me that in a spread offense at the next level, he could become the main back. He reminds me a lot of Curtis Martin (former RB, Patriots and Jets). Not as big as Curtis, but Jacquizz has the same type of talent and runs with the same gliding gate that is hard to tackle because he can burst with strength at the point of attack. 



Jacquizz is vertically challenged and although this is an issue, for a running back it can be a gift.  Jacquizz is smart enough to hide behind the big bodies to make his yardage through the tackles and on sweeps.  He doesn't show much vision in the hole when breaking the line of scrimmage, but he follows his blockers so well and changes gears he compensates for this part of his game. He is not lightning bug quick and needs good blocking to impact.  This, along with his small stature, could drop him on a lot of teams' boards.



Jacquizz is a quality running back in a small body, but my gut tells me this kid can impact more than most think he will.  I know most people are going to suggest that he is a Darren Sproles type of player, which I believe is incorrect.  This kid just has feature running back skills in a small body.  That makes him, in my mind, a running back that may have to share duties with another running back, but this kid is not a change-up back.  He is just a good running back.  He doesn't get hurt, he has excellent skills along with solid athletic talent.  He can block (I think) and can catch the ball with ease.  He is tough and runs with strong strides.  He is hard to bring down, he fights for yardage, he's strong enough to run through the tackles and, in the open field, he can break tackles.  Would I draft him with the thought that he is going to carry my offense? No...but I would draft him with the thought that I just added a very talented running back to my team and his ability to start is not out of the question. Downgrade him all you want because he is only 5' 6".  Then, be smart and draft him. You will not be sorry.  Look for Jacquizz on Rob's board.  My guess is he will land somewhere in the 3rd or 4th rounds.  He looks on the field to be a quality kid with a lot of intelligence and running back skills that could help a team in a very big way.  By the way, Curtis Martin was drafted in the 3rd round of the 1995 draft and downgraded for basically the same reasons most teams will downgrade Jacquizz. 


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 Drew Boylhart   April/11