Jah Reid   OT   Central Florida


 Round 1



Jah has excellent size, strength and foot speed to play his position at a very high level for the team that drafts him.  He is very smart and adjusts well on the fly to what a defense is trying to do when blitzing.  He shows on film excellent techniques when pass blocking and a surprising burst off the line and into his blocks in the run game.  Jah plays smaller than his size because he bends his knees.  He is very athletic and is not as stiff in the hips as most players who are over 6'6" seem to be.  Jah has the potential to play more than one position on the offensive line.  He has the mental stamina and athletic ability to handle playing left tackle and is quick enough of out of his stance to handle playing guard also.  Jah shows leadership abilities through his play on the field and never seems confused or misses his assignments.  When he is pass blocking, he has his head on a swivel looking to help out others on the line if his man drops off the line.  He never stops blocking until the whistle blows and if his man goes to the ground, Jah looks to the next person to block.  The best pure right tackle in this draft is Jah (Boba) Reid and not the kid from USC.



Jah uses excellent technique when pass blocking, but he has to learn to trust those techniques.  He is such a good athlete he has a tendency to rely more on his athletic abilities when pass blocking and, as a result, opponents take advantage of this.  This is a matter of him being more disciplined and learning that for the next level it takes more than talent to dominate. Jah's techniques, balance, strength, correct use of the hands and lateral agility are all there.  Jah just has to learn to use those techniques on every play and not to panic when it seems like he is getting beat.  Jah struggles to make blocks at the next level because he loses balance, is too anxious to make a block and again abandons his techniques.  He has to learn to be more patient when he goes to the next level. This is nit picking and this kid is mature enough to figure this out at the next level very quickly.



The first time I notice Jah was in the Shrine game.  He looked about 6'5" 300 lbs and I thought this kid looked like he would be an excellent left guard for the next level.  I turn off the announcers when I watch these games because they talk about everyone as if they are all going to be the very first pick in the draft.  That being said, I made a note as I watched him and listed what I thought his size would be and moved on.  Jah goes to the combine and he measures 6'7", 327 lbs and I can 't believe it.  I look for a couple of game tapes and I pick Central Florida playing in the Liberty Bowl against Georgia.  I figured this would give me a good feel for this kid's abilities because in the Shrine game he never really got tested by anyone who most (but not me) would consider top flight talent.  Jah dominated Justin Houston from Georgia -- the LB/DE being considered as a possible 1st rounder.  Justin never got pressure on the UCF QB from the right side and Jah dominated in the run game.  Jah is a much better offensive tackle than the kid from USC.  He is more mature and his upside is more concrete and less risky than Tyron's. Jah shows me through his play on the field that he can play more than one position.  His athletic ability to block for the run and the pass along with his mental stamina, quick feet, quickness out of his stance and football intelligence in understanding his assignment are all assets that Jah brings to him game as a versatile player.  I don't rate players on potential if they are not living up to that potential on the field right now.  Jah got invited to the Shrine game and was not invited to the Senior Bowl.  That suggests that Jah will not be drafted in the 1st round because teams pigeon hole players from these games and match them to rounds in the draft because of competition levels and athleticism.  If a player goes to the Shrine game and shows enough to get invited to the Senior Bowl, he might be drafted in the second round, but that's the exception.  All you have to do is get a list of former great players in the NFL who have played in the Shrine game and you will see that, on the whole, I am right.  I'm calling him Jah (Boba) Reid.  This kid is a warrior in the trenches and "Jango Fett" would be proud.  That's for all you Star War fans.


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 Drew Boylhart   April/11