Jake Kirkpatrick   OC   TCU


 Round 5



Jake plays in a spread offense.  He has solid pass blocking skills.  He looks to be smart and shows some leadership skills.  He is quick out of his stance and is very accurate snapping the ball to his QB.  Jake has solid lateral agility in his first step to help out his guard when pass blocking; I have seen him pull out and pass block a defensive end to replace the right tackle who has moved out for screens or to block a player on the second level.  It looks to me that Jake is calling out line protections, which, in a spread offense, means that he has to be in sync with his QB and the coaching staff.  This line does not use very much blocking from tight ends or running backs, so most of the time the offensive line is all alone when it comes to pass blocking.  Jake does a good job of understanding and adjusting to resolve problems with the blocking schemes during a game; that talent alone will help him at the next level big time.



The NFL wants interior linemen to be very good when run blocking.  They will rate guards and centers high in the draft if they see excellent run blockers.  They do not seem to worry about an interior lineman's lack of ability to pass block.  Jake is not very consistent when he is blocking in the run game.  He does not fire out, does not move his feet that well and does not show the strength needed to compensate for his lack of techniques. He has the talent, but I feel this style of offense does not fit those talents and did not allow him to develop.



Jake is not a flashy pass blocker, but he has solid skills.  He is not a consistent run blocker, but he does show the athletic talent to be very good.  He is also in an offense that has not required him to improve his run blocking and because the QB gets rid of the ball quickly, Jake is never really challenged when he is pass blocking.  That being said, he has good measurements and workout numbers; he can snap the ball and get out of his stance quickly.  Although he is not very strong, he can handle someone on his nose.  So what you have is a solid developmental center for the next level who should in the future be able to play in any style of offense.  That's a pretty good draft pick, in my opinion. 


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