Jake Locker   QB   Washington


 Round 1


Jake is a big QB with excellent arm strength and a lot of athletic talent.  He shows on film good, solid leadership skills and has the ability to make the players around him better.  Jake has the athletic talent to move the ball through the air and on the ground.  He reminds me a lot of Tim Tebow because, like Tebow, he will make the tough run to get a first down.  Jake has proven through injuries this year that he will do anything to win and that stats are not his priority.  He can make all the throws and this year, with all the adversity, Jake has shown me that he understands what playing the QB position at the next level will be all about.  He understands that it is not just about talent.  It is about leadership, character and then talent.  Jake has proven to me this year (more than last year) that he has the potential to be a franchise QB for the next level.  Not only does he remind me of Tebow (QB Broncos), but also, for you old-timers, Terry Bradshaw (former Hall of Fam QB Pittsburgh Steelers).  Terry moved around pretty good when he first got into the NFL and learned to stay in the pocket after a few years of frustration for the fans, the coaches and himself to become the QB his talent suggested that he could become.   



Jake still hangs on to the ball too long and tries to make every play a big play.  Of course, with a better offensive line this might not be as much of an issue.  Jake does have injuries that will need to be checked out, but nothing that I know of that will not heal.  He will also need to acquire a better touch to his short and intermediate passes; however, I don't feel that any of these issues will be a problem because Jake is coachable.  My biggest concern is that Jake seems to need a lot of repetitions to absorb what he needs to take in and effectively translate to his play on the field on game day.   



We have all seen the type of QB that Jake can be when he is healthy and is given time to perform.  We saw it last year, but this year, we got to see what makes this kid tick.  We found out that he loves the game, is a good teammate and will try to play injured for his fans, his coaches, his teammates and then for himself.  I know most scouts are going to downgrade Jake because of this year, but that's the difference in what I do and what others do.  I profile people, they evaluate talent.  That's a big difference.  I know Jake has the talent.  All he has to do is keep learning, refining his skills and all of that talent will shine.  I look for more than talent and if I have to go to another year to find it, then I will.  As an owner you have to be impressed when you see fans standing up in a crowd naked from the waist up in freezing cold weather thanking Jake by spelling out his name.  Thanking a college QB who has, no doubt, been less than a winning QB this year tells me something. It tells me something more than this just being a few inebriated fans having fun in the cold.  It tells me that Jake knows how to lead and still be humble.  That, my fellow draftniks, means that along with Jake's talent, he is coachable.  I would suspect that a few teams might be interested in drafting Jake in the first round, including the Washington Redskins, Seattle Seahawks and Indianapolis Colts.  With the Redskins or Colts, he could sit, learn and be used in wildcat situations.  With the Seahawks, he might have to start right away and he might struggle, but he will prevail in the long run.


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  Drew Boylhart   Dec/10