James Brewer   OT   Indiana


 Round 6



James has good workout numbers and has decent overall athletic talent and size to play at the next level.  In spite of his lack of consistency and technique, he is one of those players that just seems to get the job done.  He gives solid effort on every play and has good mental stamina. It looks to me on film that he could play more than one position at the next level.  At Indiana, he played right tackle.  For the team that drafts him, I believe he could play right tackle or possibly, right guard at some point in the future.



The biggest concern is that James has to improve both his upper and lower body strength for the NFL.  He also needs to learn to continue to move his feet once he engages his opponent.  When James is not covered up in a pass blocking situation, he has a tendency to hop like a large bunny rabbit with his first step laterally, which leaves him off balance and, at the next level, susceptible to an inside rush.  He'll end up being thrown around like underwear in a dryer. 



If James is ready to work hard, he has the talent to be a pretty good right guard or tackle in the NFL, but he is developmental at this stage of his career. To be a right guard, he must get stronger and learn to move his feet better.  To be a left guard, he must get bigger, stronger, move his feet better and play with better techniques and more consistency.  To be a right tackle, he has to get bigger, stronger, learn to stay on balance and use better techniques.  James does have the ability, even with all these areas of improvement I've identified, to get the job done, but that is at the college level.  He has the ability to play multiple positions on the offensive line at the NFL level, but the real question is whether or not James has the ability to be a starting offensive lineman in the NFL at any position or just a marginal offensive lineman who can back up a few different positions?  It's  all up to James and how hard he will work.  To be truthful, I've pointed out many of the issues he has to improve on; however, I would have thought at this point of his career that he would have been much further along in his development.  For me the question in drafting James or just making him a priority free agent would be his work ethic. This is a kid that does not play a very mature game on the field right now and you have to wonder why! 


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