James Carpenter   OT   Alabama


 Round 1



James has the size, wing span and athletic agility to play either tackle position for the team that drafts him the day after they draft him.  He might be the most technically sound and NFL ready tackle in this group.  James shows excellent mental stamina and does not commit very many penalties.  He shows great physical stamina as well, which is not what you would expect just looking at him. He has very quick feet with the ability to mirror his opponent.  He fires out quickly in the running game and is very smart picking up stunts to his side.  James works well with his left guard and understands his assignments.  He doesn't over-block and stays on his feet, but at the same time, he does finish his blocks.  James is very underrated at this point of the draft.  He quietly goes about his job on the field and no one mentions him or notices how well he is playing.  He rarely gives up a sacks and, when they need important yards in the running game, they go right to his side to get it. James reminds me a lot of Marcus McNeil (LT San Diego Chargers). 



Here is why James is not being talked about very much at all:  his body type and weight.  He looks like a guard playing the tackle position.  He doesn't play like a guard playing the tackle position, but he looks like it.  If he slims down and shows a little more quickness out of his stance, then he will move up.  James is not a pulling tackle.  He doesn't have the greatest foot speed over distance, but he does have quick feet; therefore, he is not going to run a very good forty and might not have very good workouts, but do not be deceived; he will be a very good left tackle. 



If you don't look the part, sometimes people think you won't be able to play the part.  It's just that simple and it's the only reason I feel nobody is talking about this kid.  Seriously, if you look at some of the left tackles in this draft, you will see some good looking athletes.  James is not as good looking as some of the other tackles in this draft.  He has a big belly like a guard or defensive nose tackle.  He has foot speed like a right guard.  He may not work out well or look fantastic in the one-on-one drills, but when you put the game film on, you realize what a good left tackle this kid is and will be for the team that drafts him.  Most teams are going to suggest that James should be moved to the right side because of his workout numbers.  Trust me on this:  before the coaches get through the first practice with this kid he will be over on the left side.  James is like that haunted house that you go into, but you never come out.  You might talk all you want about James' opponent before a game, but once the game is over, there is no more talk and his opponent has disappeared.  It's kind of creepy!   That's why I call him James (Creepy) Carpenter.  Draft him -- you won't be sorry. 


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 Drew Boylhart   Mar/11