Jason Pinkston  OT/LG   Pittsburgh


 Round 1



Jason has excellent athletic talent to be a guard at the next level.  He has good feet and shows on film the zeal to pull when run blocking that you do not see often at the college level any more.  This kid is a terrific power run blocker and does a very good job pass blocking; however, he is not a tackle for the next level.  He should be an excellent left guard.  He has good lateral agility and does a nice job using his hands and staying with his blocks.  He shows leadership qualities through his play on the field, looks to be a good teammate and takes pride in his blocking -- especially when run blocking.  Jason reminds me of Ruben Brown (LG Buffalo Bills/Chicago Bears).



Jason is not a left tackle. He played left tackle for his college team, but for the NFL he is a natural left guard.  Draft him with that in mind.



Jason will not be drafted in the first round for a few different reasons, but none of them have anything to do with his talent.  It has to do with the position he plays and the fact that there are a lot of offensive tackles who will be taken ahead of him.  It's a numbers game unless some team has a big need for just a pure guard.  It could happen.  Jason has much better overall talent than Mike Iupati LG drafted last year in the 1st round by the 49ers.  He also is more mature in his pass blocking techniques, but in this draft he is getting lost in a mix of left tackles that should be pretty good and since Jason is being evaluated as a left tackle, it will lower his standing in this draft.  It's a shame, but that is the reality of the draft some times.  No matter what round your team drafts Jason in, he should play right away and he should become a Pro Bowl left guard.  That's a pretty good draft choice, wouldn't you agree?  This kid is a good football player.


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