Jeff Maehl   WR   Oregon


 Round 3



Jeff is a "ready to impact after the draft" receiver.  He is very quick and runs excellent routes.  He has such soft hands to catch the ball that cows all over the state of Oregon are begging to be milked with them.  He is sneaky fast; his quickness and timing to make cuts and breaks when running a route will surprise even the best corners.  You can use him in the slot in the open field and in the red zone; there will not be many who will be able to handle his quickness on the outside.  Jeff understands situational football as well as how to read a defender while he is running a route.  He sees the route through the QB's eyes.  He understands when, and how, to cut routes off to help his QB out in times of need.  Jeff will move the chains and is the type of receiver a QB can depend on to get open at crucial times in a game for a big play.  Jeff reminds me a lot of a former wide receiver for the Giants, Broncos & 49er's who has 3 Super Bowl rings and, at one time, was John Elway's favorite target:  Ed McCaffrey.



Jeff must get stronger in his upper body.  His body type lends itself to injuries in the NFL because he lacks bulk, which will be a problem if he works the slot.  Speed seems to be what the NFL is looking for on the outside and, if you don't have speed, then you must be physical.  Jeff is not a speed receiver and, as I said before, he lacks bulk.  These issues will make most teams push Jeff down their boards.   Also, no special teams for Jeff.  I can understand that!  He will need double moves to go deep, but he is such a good route runner this should not be a problem.  He needs to be paired up with a strong armed QB or a QB that can extend plays to be effective.  There are a lot of them that come to mind, so that should not be a problem.



Let me tell you the teams that should love to draft a player like Jeff.  The Colts, Browns, Steelers, Rams, Patriots, Giants, Chiefs, Falcons, Jets and Packers. If you throw a player like Tim Tebow into the mix, then add the Broncos to this list as well.  He's a good match with smart QB's that have strong arms, that can extend plays with athleticism or excel in play calling. Teams that use the WCO system should also love to draft Jeff.  In this draft, Jeff has been an after thought.  He did not get invited to the Senior Bowl and was lucky to be invited to the combine.  He is a "two minute drill" dream come true for a QB in the NFL because of the style of offense he was a part of at Oregon.  He works CB's into such a confused state of mind during a game they need therapy after the game is over.  I call him Jeff (Moo) Maehl because of his soft hands.  I just bet you will see cows following behind this kid as he walks down the street, as they dream of a chance to feel the softest hands in the state. 


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 Drew Boylhart   March/11