Jeremy Kerley   WR/ST   TCU


 Round 3



Jeremy is one of those quick, fast receivers who can play inside or outside and impact your special teams return unit.  He shows very good hands and runs quick, crisp routes.  Jeremy looks on film to be very smart and can adjust and fight for the ball in the air. He has the talent to play in any style offense and although he is not as fast as Steve Smith (WR Panthers), he has similar talent and receiver skills.  Jeremy has great feet that make it easy for him to make cuts and gain yardage after the catch when the first tackler misses him.  He is an excellent punt returner and special team coaches will have to game plan for him big time or he will gain the advantage.  He can help your team flip the field faster than a water bug walks on water.



Jeremy has to learn to deal with the bump and run techniques that he hasn't dealt with at the college level.  He has good size, but he's not big enough to carry being your #1 wide receiver.  The more he is on the field at one position, the easier it will be to defend him because he is quick, but he lacks the long speed and size needed to be a consistent long ball threat. 



Jeremy is an impact player, but he projects to being an impact specialty player.  His size will make it easy to use bump and run techniques against him and negate some of his quickness off the line.  Without that long range speed and size, defenses will not need double coverage to negate his impact at crucial times of a game.  That being said, line him up in the slot or in motion and all of a sudden, he is a player to be reckoned with and becomes very dangerous.  Add to that his ability to scare the crap out of his opponent on special teams and you have an impact player who doesn't need a lot of touches to impact a game and score touchdowns.  There is not much pure speed in this draft and teams that have #1 wide receivers that need to add speed and a complementary receiver will rate Jeremy higher and draft him earlier than he's rated on most teams' boards.  Teams like Atlanta, San Francisco, Baltimore, Miami and Pittsburgh are just some teams that have very good #1 receivers that need a complementary receiver like Jeremy and could draft him early, which wouldn't be bad at all.  Jeremy has the talent and fits a lot of teams' needs.  This draft lacks the really fast receivers and if your team needs one, it makes sense to draft Jeremy a little early. This kid is a good player and will become a big time fan favorite.  


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