Jerrel Jernigan   WR   Troy


 Round 4



Jerrel has good speed and decent size to be a situational player for the team that drafts him.  He shows on film to have good hands and a bit of quickness.  Jerrel wants to make a touchdown every time he touches the ball.  Troy uses Jerrel as their wildcat QB because he has nice leg strength.  Jerrel should have some impact for the team that drafts him right away on special teams returning punts.  He is fearless, will make the tough catch in traffic and could cause problems in the middle of the field when matched up against slower corners, safeties or linebackers. 



Jerrel has good speed and quickness, but I'm not sure at the next level it will be enough to compensate for his lack of size as an every down wide receiver.  He also plays with one gear because he was faster than most of his opponents at the college level; however, that will not make him successful in the NFL.  He will have to learn how to change gears to get better separation.  He will also need to work on his patience in setting up his blocking if used in the wildcat.  To his credit, Jerrel plays tough and looks like he wants to be one of the best -- that will go a long way, in my opinion.    



Jerrel can make a living returning punts and impact maybe as a slot receiver.  However, potential injuries (due of his size) and the fact that he plays with just one gear will make it difficult.  Unless this kid can pull a "Devin Hester" and put the fear of the football gods into his opponents on special teams, I just think Jerrel is a player you select late in the draft and hope for the best. I don't see Steve Smith-type (WR Panthers) talent, but then again, Steve wasn't selected until the 3rd round of the 2001 draft. This kid is tough and will go up against anyone, which says a lot to me.  So if you think he can learn to run routes like Steve Smith sometime in the future, then maybe...just maybe, you get yourself a bit of a sleeper receiver in this draft.


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