John Clay   RB   Wisconsin


 Round FA



Jon is a strong, powerful running back with the ability to play in a one-back system and be as successful as Peyton Hillis (RB Browns) and Brandon Jacobs (RB Giants). He shows an excellent burst and has very good speed.  Jon can move the chains, but also has the ability to gain yardage in chunks because he shows very good feet and nice cutting abilities.  Jon has the ability to dominate a game in the fourth quarter if his team is ahead and needs the running game to keep the ball from its opponent.   



Jon blocks like a baby stroller trying to stop a car.  I have never seen him used in the passing game, so I have no idea if he can catch a pass.  He looks to be very immature in his football abilities and has not improved at all in his college career.  He must know every nurse in very emergency ward in the state of Wisconsin because he is always hurt. He must pay $100 dollars a pop for hair cuts because all I ever seen when he doesn't wear his helmet are these intricate designs in his head.  I think he works harder making sure his hair cuts are perfect than he does on his football skills.



Personally, I'm not sure I would draft John at all unless he showed me a lot more in his workouts than he has on the field.  He has to show me that he's more than a 1-trick pony, overpowering those in his way.  At the next level, that will not be enough.  He also has to show me some football intelligence in reading defense, picking up blitzing linebackers and catching the ball out of the backfield. In my opinion, this kid has no idea what the next level is all about. Quite frankly, I'm not sure he had any idea what playing at the college level was all about.  I'm not convinced John is going to make it in the NFL.  The lack of intelligence, maturity, health and work ethic are all big issues for me.  Maybe he will prove me wrong and get rid of his hairdresser, block better then a baby stroller, and start to really work on his skills.  Just maybe he can become a part of a team instead of trying to be the team.


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 Drew Boylhart    Jan/11