John Moffitt  OG/OC   Wisconsin 


 Round 5



John has the size and experience you would expect a guard from a big college program to have.  He does a nice job blocking for the run and works well with his teammates when his assignments require him to do so.  John has solid talent for the position of guard and has played some at the center position, which will give him an edge with some of the NFL evaluators at draft time.  He looks like on film to be a good teammate and his offensive coordinator seems to go to his side when they are in short yardage situations to move the chains.  John still has a long way to go to be a starter at the next level, but I believe that if he works hard, he can be successful in the NFL.



John should be further along in his development as a starting guard at the college level.  He needs to get stronger.  Additionally, he is limited in his athletic ability to be used as a pulling guard.  He struggles to go to the next level and make blocks.  He lacks the foot speed and quickness to play any other position at the NFL level than right guard.  His mental stamina is lacking and, as the game goes on, his techniques get sloppy because he is not in good enough football shape.  He lacks lateral agility to play the center position and seems to be confused in his blocking assignments when a player is not over him.  He struggles and is slow to help out other teammates on the line when he has no one in front of him to block.



In my opinion, John is a right guard for the next level. He does a decent job blocking as long as he has a player right in front of him to block and, as a right guard, there will an opponent that he will be able to identify to block as soon as he gets into his three point stance. If John can play a little center, then he will be of some additional value to a team because he can become a solid back-up offensive lineman.  John has developmental talent; however, I have to ask this question:  Why is John so far behind in his mental stamina, strength and decision making at this point of his college career?  He knew he was a senior and he knew that he might be able to play at the next level so you do have to wonder why he isn't better than he is currently.  I know I do.


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 Drew Boylhart   April/11