Jon Baldwin   WR   Pittsburgh


 Round 3



Jon is a big, strong powerful wide receiver who shows very good speed to play his position.  He is the type of receiver that can dominate a game if he so chooses.  He has those long strides that make it very hard for most corners to stay with and defend.  Jon should be gold in the red zone.  His kind of talent will make an average QB look, and be, a great fantasy league QB.  He shows on film very strong hands with the ability to adjust to the ball in the air.  Jon has as much overall talent as Calvin Johnson (WR Lions) or Larry Fitzgerald (WR Cardinals). So why isn't he being considered as the best wide receiver in this draft? 



Jon shows no leadership skills at all on the field.  He is not very consistent in his route running and seems to give up on plays if the ball is not coming to him.  He will jump for a ball, but does not like to fight for a pass if it is low and/or not on target.  Jon gets very frustrated if he is not involved.  He doesn't think blocking should be a main focal point of a wide receiver's job description.  Jon can do anything he wants on the field and has the potential to be an excellent wide receiver if he wants to be and starts to show some strong work ethic.  I'm not sure he wants to work that hard. 



I know Jon has the talent to be an excellent wide receiver, I just think, "Why would I want to draft him early based on his talent and potential alone when did not bother to improve during his college career?"  Last year, Demaryus Thomas was drafted in the 1st round.  He played for a team that did not use the QB position very much to pass the ball.  Still, Demaryus always worked hard in other phases of his game -- he was consistent and never showed any displeasure with that offensive system.  Jon, because he did not have a very good QB, seems to have been very affected.  Jon will be a better NFL player than he was a college player because of the talent level that is in the NFL.  However, I'm not certain he will develop into a #1 WR or be just another wannabe who thinks he is a #1 wide receiver, such as TJ Houshmandzadeh (WR -  Bengals, Seahawks, Ravens).  TJ was a 7th round pick by the Bengals in the 2001 draft.  He developed and became a pretty good #2 wide receiver, but once he reached that level he peaked.  TJ struggles to fight through corners, go over the middle and get balls that are not thrown perfectly to him.  Jon has the talent of a #1 wide receiver, but, in my opinion, I just think he has the mental abilities of a #2 wide receiver.  Unfortunately, I can draft that style of wide receiver almost anywhere in the draft.  This is a kid that will workout very well, but for me, he has a buyer beware label attached. 


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