Jordan Todman   RB   Connecticut


 Round 2



Jordan has a slashing, powerful style of running that fits a team which uses zone blocking like a snake fits its skin.  He has excellent speed and is quick enough to make one cut, then fly through a hole.  This kid is smart and understands situational football.  He will get you the needed yardage on third and short through the tackles, but is fast enough to turn the corner and take it all the way to the house.  He reminds me a lot of Maurice Jones Drew (RB Jaguars), but I believe Jordan is faster.  Jordan gives good effort when he blocks and has decent skills catching the ball...but make no mistake, this kid's strength is running the ball.  He has the bulk to be your main back and should be able to handle 20 to 25 carries a game because Jordan runs through the tackles with the strength and tenacity of a badger.  Oh, and on the outside?  He runs like a mouse stealing a piece of cheese before the trap snaps down on his itty bitty neck. 



Jordan is not the best blocker I've ever seen and he doesn't catch the ball down the field with any great consistency, but he does catch it well enough to be used as a behind-the-line outlet option and that should be good enough.  He does struggle making cuts in the hole.  He is not going to break a run because he made someone miss him in the hole; it's more like he will break the tackle and then make the long run.  He is a one-cut runner.  He makes his one cut in the backfield, then takes off like a shot.  If you make him think about another cut in the hole, he gets caught up.  It's simple: his mind works faster than his feet.  



Jordan could be considered the 2nd best true running back in this draft, but because he really fits a certain style of blocking scheme, you have to wait a little on this kid to be drafted because not every team runs that style of blocking.  He is the type of player who will be rated higher by some teams than he will be by others.  Drafting Jordan will depend on the needs and where those teams are in the slotting procedure that run a zone blocking scheme.  Jordan could be selected in any round in this draft and, yes, he could sneak into the first round also, but that is not likely.  The reason for that is because he does have some limitations catching the ball, in blocking and is vertically challenged.  If he caught the ball down the field better, picked up the blitz better, could make cuts in the hole and set up his blocking, he would be Mark Ingram and most teams would be looking at him in the first round.  But Jordan is a different style running back and cannot do what Ingram can do, which makes all the difference.  That doesn't mean he won't be as impacting!  This kid is a good football player. 


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