Jurrell Casey   DT   USC


 Round 4



Jurrell shows on film to have very good quickness and foot speed for a person his size.  He is a 1-gap defensive lineman that does a good job getting into the backfield and disrupting the offensive plays.  He is a hard worker and can be used in multiple styles of defensive fronts on the inside or outside because of his initial quickness and power off the line of scrimmage.  Jurrell works until he hears the whistle and does a good job handling the double team and letting his teammates make a play. When he is rested, he uses good techniques to free himself up in both the run and the pass game. Jurrell looks like he is a good teammate and understands the big picture when it comes to stunting and blitz combinations with his defensive line mates. Jurrell is young, but he is a hard worker, which should serve him well at the next level. 



Right now Jurrell has a problem with physical stamina and seems to be out of football shape.  He is a little short and over 300 lbs; unfortunately, it's a sloppy 300 lbs that is having an affect on his ability to keep his quickness and strength through the entire four quarters.  In my opinion, Jurrell should slim down and moved to the outside in a 3-4 defense and let his quickness and athleticism dictate his success rather than his size.  His techniques are faulty at times and his consistency is lacking on every snap; I believe this may all be related to his weight.  On another note, Jurrell cannot figure out how to defend himself against a cut block.  He falls for it almost every time, which is disturbing to me.  



Jurrell doesn't carry his weight very well at all.  I guess because of his height, everyone just thought that if he gained weight and moved him to the inside that he would be a good 1-gap defensive tackle in a 4-3 defense and he is pretty good...for the college level.  When I see him moved to the outside in a 3-4 front that's when you see Jurrell's true talent and ability to impact.  He might be small, but his ability to come off the line and gain leverage on a lighter, taller offensive tackle is dramatic.  It reminds me a little bit of Warren Sapp.  I think he needs to slim down just a bit and get stronger and with his quickness and foot speed, he will be a load to handle.  Inside at the next level the guards should handle him without too many problems providing those guards have some pass blocking skills. Tighten this kid's body up and bring him in around 285 lbs to 290 lbs, use him as a DE in a 3-4 defense and he will be quicker and stronger and very difficult to deal with.  In other words, he will then be playing at an impact level.  Leave him as he is right now and you have a good solid rotation defensive lineman that can make a few impact plays for you in a 16 game schedule.  Either way you have drafted yourself a pretty good player.


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 Drew Boylhart   April/11