Justin Houston   OLB   Georgia


 Round 3



Justin has good size and strength to play his position.  He plays on the line of scrimmage and shows a nice burst off the line when he is pass rushing.  Justin is very stout against the run and uses his arms very well to keep blockers off him and string out plays to his side.  He shows on film very good strength and can rush the passer from a three point stance or from a stand up position.  He has quick feet and decent balance when rushing the passer.  Justin has some decent developmental skills to be used as a OLB in a 3-4 defense for the next level.



I have never seen Justin drop back off the line into pass coverage.  I think he has the ability, but that is not how he was used in college.  That means at the next level, he has to learn all of those skills.  When Justin rushes the passer, all he does is make an outside up field pass rush.  I never see him use his hands very much to engage a blocker, fight, make an inside rush, spin move, swim move or any kind of pass rush moves other than a quick burst off the line and up the field and around the tackle to pressure the QB. Justin does a good job against the run and will fight through double teams, but seems to be willing even in those situations for someone else to make the tackle.



Justin is listed as a potential 1st round draft pick.  Justin has decent talent, but he has so much to learn about being a Linebacker at the next level it is mind boggling to me that he would rated that high.  I'm getting really frustrated this year profiling OLB's that are considered 1st round selections just because they came out early.  Maybe it's me!  Maybe I expect more of a complete player with excellent talent.  Maybe I'm expecting too much of a 1st round selection.  I don't see anything on film that makes me think that Justin can be anything more than a solid linebacker at the next level eventually. I'm not suggesting that he cannot become a good player for the team that drafts him.  I am suggesting that he was not an impact player at the college level; therefore, expecting him to be an impact player at the NFL level is a little much.  The kid did a good job for his college team.  Yes, he made some tackles and yes, he made some plays.  However, good offensive linemen at the college level handled this kid and made him disappear often.  Making plays when you are not blocked does not mean you will be an impact player at the next level.  It just means you made a good play.  In my opinion, Justin has the abilities to be a solid player for the NFL team that drafts him.  He does not have impacting 1st round talent, skills or instincts.  He shows average football intelligence at this point of his career.  If you think that is 1st round talent, then all I can say is draft him and find out for yourself.  I like Justin's potential to be a good player, but I do have to question drafting him too high and expecting him to impact when he was a good player for his college team, but by no means was he the best player. 


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 Drew Boylhart   Feb/11