KJ Wright   LB   Mississippi St


 Round 1



KJ has long arms and long legs with good size, excellent quickness and great football instincts to play his position.  He understands situational football.  He can be used in coverage, but also has the ability to rush the passer from a three point stance or standing up. He is solid defending against the run and uses his long arms to keep defenders away from his legs.  He does a good job engaging and shedding blocks to stop the run as well.  KJ is a head up, wrap up, squeeze and drive tackler and does an excellent job tackling in space.  He is very underrated at this point in the draft.  He shows good leadership skills and makes the players around him better.  KJ can be a linebacker in any style of defense, but his impact position for the next level should be as an outside linebacker on the weak side or, as us fans like to say, the linebacker over the left offensive tackle.  I call him "Special K", KJ Wright.



The only issue that I think the pros will be concerned with is that KJ is not going to be able to add more bulk on his frame, which may limit him to being just an OLB for the next level.  He may not be as stout against the run.  Here is the catch:  Special K is strong, smart and just a little more technique work defending against the run will combat this issue.



KJ has the strength, power, speed and quickness to rush the passer and to be stout against the run.  His physique is deceiving because of his length, but the kid is smart and strong and stands up to the run just fine.  He is very quick off the line when rushing the passer and reminds me a lot of a smaller version (with better linebacker skills) of Jason Taylor (DE/LB Jets).  This kid is a sleeper just waiting to be discovered, coming out of a big program.  That, to me, is a definition of a sleeper. Sleepers come from big programs. Tom Brady is a sleeper pick.  Matt Cassel is a sleeper pick and now KJ  (Special K) Wright can be listed as a sleeper pick unless his workouts and the Senior Bowl makes everyone take notice.  Look at Rob's board for where this kid will be drafted, but for me personally, he has 1st round talent.  If I needed an impact outside linebacker with the skills that KJ has at some point in the first round, I would not hesitate to pull the trigger.  He will be a quality selection and isn't that what drafting in the first round is all about?


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 Drew Boylhart    Jan/11