Kelvin Sheppard   LB   LSU 


 Round 4



Kelvin is a solid built linebacker who has decent straight line speed.  He shows some leadership skills and looks on film to be very proud -- sort of like a peacock strutting around. Kelvin does a nice job calling plays out on the field and shows on film good, quick feet to make a burst to the play.  He needs to keep the plays in front of him on passing plays, which means he will be mostly a zone cover linebacker. Kelvin has good size and measurables to be a solid linebacker for the team that drafts him.



The list is long.  Kelvin doesn't shed blocks, is an average tackler at the college level, shows no instincts and doesn't seem to be worried if the players around him are in the correct position.  He waits too long to read and react, he allows himself to be blocked much too easily and shows no lateral agility. I could go on, but I just did that in one breath.  The truth is he should be a lot better than he is.  



I waited on this profile.  Early in draft season, many suggested that Kelvin was the top LB in this draft.  Kelvin and the one trick pony Von Miller.  I knew right than and there that this was going to be a rough draft for me as far as linebackers.  When Kelvin plays, there is nothing wrong with his talent; the problem is that Kelvin thinks he is playing at a high level right now.  I get the feeling that leadership to Kelvin means making sure someone else does all the work and you take the credit.  Personally, for me, I don't draft players who THINK they are great players right now. I draft players who want to be better than they are right now. But I profile for 32 teams and Rob's board is set up for 32 teams and we both know that if a team thinks they can coach Keldvin up then they will draft him.  Maybe he can work on the outside for as long as possible; however, as soon as he has to engage, shed and actually make the tackle himself, he may go into shock!  Good luck!


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 Drew Boylhart   April/11