Kendall Hunter   RB   Oklahoma St


 Round 4



Kendall is a smart football player.  He shows on film to have good vision and cutting ability.  He looks to be your proverbial third down back for the next level.  Kendall can do a little bit of everything well and, when his offensive line is blocking well for him, Kendall can become a weapon.  He does a nice job blocking for the blitz, is strong catching the ball out of the backfield for screens, is solid in setting up blocks in the open field and looks to be a good teammate.  Kendall has those short, choppy steps that make it easy for him to make cuts and stay balanced.  He reminds me a lot of Kevin Falk (RB Patriots) who bounced around a little before he found a home.  



Kendall has problems staying healthy, which could mean that his workouts are wrong for his style of body, he has good grades, his focus wasn't all on football and/or this kid might have a bad work ethic.  Kendall (at the college level) goes down easy when he is tackled and does not fight for yardage; given his nagging leg injuries, this could be a way of him trying to protect himself.  Kendall plays like a player who only wants to be a third down back at the next level.  That's not a bad thing, but it is something to take note of.  A player smart enough to know his strengths and weakness is not a bad thing until you ask more of him than he feels he should do...kind of a union attitude!  



I'm not as wild about Kendall as most are in this draft.  I would think that in a spread offense Kendall might be a very forceful weapon to use more that just on third downs; I'm just not sure Kendall wants his career to be more than his role as third down back.  I see a kid on the field right now that works hard, but unless Kendall is pulling down some really good grades, I'm not convinced he is working hard enough -- on or off the field.  On the field I see him making plays, but is easily tackled by his opponents.  Off the field, I see these nagging injuries that keep him from being counted on as the main running back for this offense.  It's hard to explain, but when I watch Kendall play, I don't see the passion to succeed to the best of his ability.  I see aggressive play, but just enough to be good.  As I said, there are others who feel that Kendall is one of the best running backs in this draft.  I think he COULD be one of the best running backs in this draft, but he is not and that bothers me.  I draft third down backs later than others do.  There are those that insist that Kendall is excellent at blocking and picking up the blitz.  I think he uses bad form for his size and additionally, needs to address his effort in blocking.  This is the type of player that if you don't draft too high and expect too much from, can become an integral part of your offense.  Kendall is smart enough to know that he can make more money and stay in the NFL longer if he is just a good third down back.  Like I said the kid is smart -- just understand that when you draft him.


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