Kendrick Ellis   DT   Hampton


 Round 3



Kendrick has excellent size to play defensive tackle in a 3-4 or a 4-3 defense.  He has long arms that make it easy for him to keep blockers off his body and allow him to engage and shed blockers and make tackles at the line of scrimmage.  Kendrick is a worker who never stops working until the whistle blows.  He shows leadership skills through his play on the field and makes the players around him better.  He looks on film to be an excellent teammate and more than willing to work with his line mates to free them up to make a tackle.  Kendrick has what you look for in a nose tackle in a 3-4.  He can work in a 1-gap system or a 2-gap system because of his size and arm length.  Kendrick likes to be the top dog on the line and the nose tackle position for him fits him mentally, as well as physically. 



Kendrick carries his weight well.  That being said, he is still out of shape for the NFL.  He is raw as far as pass rushing skills and doesn't use his athleticism to defeat his opponent. He defeats his opponent right now with  his strength because that's all he needs.  At the next level, that will not be enough.  In one game film I have (Delaware St), he had a leg or ankle injury so he struggled with his balance.  When he was double and tripled team, he was easy to move, but still gave that offensive line all it could handle on one leg.  He showed frustration, but never got a penalty and continued to work hard for his teammates to make plays.  The real key to his improving at the next level will be his coachability.  He will have to learn the tricks of the trade and then bring them from the practice field to the games.  I know he can do this; the question is will he do it?



Kendrick could become an excellent player for the team that drafts him in a few years.  He has the talent and the size, so there is no reason for him not to be successful.  If Kendrick accepts coaching from a head coach that's smart enough to push the right buttons, this kid could easily become a Pro Bowl player.  Get on this kid's wrong side and he will close shut like a hatch on a submarine door.  Nothing will get in and nothing will go out.  This kid strikes me as being as temperamental as a high paid chef in a fancy New York Restaurant.  You can see it when he plays.  He plays with emotion, pride and a little chip on his shoulder.  He needs a family atmosphere around him to survive.  Some kids are like that.  Some don't want to be lumped in with the other kids.  Some kids want to take care of the other kids.  This kid is the type of kid that Wade Phillips seems to get the best out of; Kendrick is his type of player.   


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 Drew Boylhart   March/11