Lee Ziemba   OT   Auburn


 Round 1



Lee has excellent size, strength and football intelligence to be the type of player who will become an important cog in the wheel of success for an offensive line.  He shows leadership abilities through his work ethic and consistent play.  He has the ability to be dominant when run blocking and will scrap and beat most opponents with guile, persistence and techniques when pass blocking.  Lee has excellent mental stamina along with top-level physical stamina.  He shows very good overall techniques and understands his limitations; he's also smart enough to use those techniques to mask his limitations.  He has played left tackle for his college team and in some systems in the NFL, could play that position in a pinch but his impact position will be right tackle for the team that drafts him.  Lee is a "football player" who takes pride in his work and competes to be the best that he can be on every play.    



Lee is not the most athletic offensive tackle that I have ever seen, but I have no doubt that he will be one of the better ones.  As a left tackle, he will struggle with his opponents in the passing game.  As a Left Guard, he might not be quick enough out of his stance, but I would certainly try him out at that position to see if repetitions might not correct that concern.  As a right tackle, his opponents will struggle with him in both the passing and running game.



It's real simple... Lee's impact position for the next level is at right tackle.  The truth is that Lee might be the best of the right tackles in this draft.  He is not as athletic as the kid from USC, but he is more mature in his overall play and shows leadership qualities that most offensive linemen in this draft do not have.  Lee is what I call a plug-in player.  You draft him and you can plug him into a position on your offensive line and not worry about that position for the next ten years.  You plug him in and he plays so effectively that it allows you to be creative with the shuffle of other players to your line with very little disruption.  In a pinch, you can unplug him at one position and try him out in another as long as you are patient, can wait for him to reload the techniques of that position and he will handle the load.  That's why I call him Lee (Plug In) Ziemba because he is like a software modular that adds a specific feature to your offensive line and all you have to do is draft him and plug him in.  Lee is the type of player the playoff teams in the back part of the first round of this draft would love to have.  Everyone wonders why those teams always seem to draft good players every year and are in the playoffs every year.  The reason is those teams look and draft "football players" -- not athletic players who just LOOK like they may be "football players".  Lee (Plug In) Ziemba... draft him and plug him into your offensive line and you will not be sorry.


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 Drew Boylhart   Feb/11