Luke Stocker   TE   Tennessee


 Round 1



Luke has good size and strength to play his position.  He has those long legs and can cover ground as fast as a greyhound at the track.  His speed is deceiving because he is not quick; but once he gets going, he's very hard to stay with and cover.  Luke does a nice job blocking for the run, but his real strength is in pass blocking.  Herein lies the problem:  Luke has hidden talents as a pass-catching tight end.  He has those soft hands that cows love to be milked with and the hand-eye coordination of a ninja.  Luke, as of this writing, is only being thought of as a blocking tight end because of his proficiency in pass blocking.  The coaches at Tennessee had trouble freeing him up to use him in the pass game.  In the red zone, this kid is gold.  Once Luke works out in the Senior Bowl, you will see/hear lots of talk about the transformation of Luke from a blocking tight end to a pass-catching tight end.  That's why I call him...wait for it...Luke (The Transformer) Stocker.



My biggest concern is how the team that drafts Luke is going to use him.  Will that team make the same mistake that Tennessee did in just using Luke as a blocker because of his pass blocking skills?  I believe Luke has the speed and size to split the defense, but again, if he's not that quick off the line, some coaches may feel otherwise.  Right now, Luke is not much of a run after the catch tight end, but I'm sure he will work on that and get better. 



The first time I saw Luke go and catch the ball, I was reminded of Marques Colston (WR Saints).  That's who he looked like and that's how he catches the ball.  Then I saw him pass blocking and I thought the kid might be able to play left tackle.  That's how good of a pass blocker he is.  He is a decent run blocker, but for his size is a bit more of a finesse blocker in general.  The kid is a sleeper.  His pass catching skills have not been used at Tennessee, which was a big mistake in my opinion.  He has a smooth gait when he runs and because he is not quick off the line and kind of glides down the field, that gliding gate makes you think he is not running hard to get open.  This is not true.  Luke will catch the ball in traffic and in the red zone like any good tight end.  Usually tight ends like Luke get drafted in the later rounds, but because of the way the Patriots used their tight ends this year (and Luke's hidden talents), I suspect Luke will be selected higher than most think.  All I can tell you is the kid will become a great tight end if he is drafted by a team that uses its tight ends in the passing game.  In fact, if you are a team that does not use its tight ends too much right now, drafting Luke will force you to transform the tight end position into more of a pass catching position.  That is, if you're smart!  Luke (The Transformer) Rob's board for this sleeper.


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 Drew Boylhart    Jan/11