Marcell Dareus   DT/DE   Alabama


 Round 1


Marcell is a big, strong, powerful athletic defensive tackle. He has good quickness off the ball to rush the passer and is excellent against double teams when defending against the run.  Marcell is a very good overall athlete.  He shows on film nice change of direction skills and can play in any kind of defensive front, inside or outside.  He shows leadership skills through his play on the field and seems to be motivated by peer pressure; he does not want to be accused of letting his teammates down.  He can step up his play when needed, but at the same time does not lose sight of his assignments.  Marcell is a very smart football player who has a terrific feel for the game and understands momentum.  On the field, Marcell is technically sound and plays with good effort on every play.  He takes care of his position and will bury an opponent all game long until he wins.  That's why I call him Marcell (The Caretaker) Dareus.



Marcell has to get into better shape for the next level.  On the field, he plays a very mature game, but off the field he might not be as mature.  He doesn't seem like a bad kid, but he could make better decisions.  Although  Marcell was suspended, his play on the field seems to have moved on, which is a good thing.



When it comes to awards at the college level, I think bad decisions and suspensions should enter into the eligibility of that player for that award.  As an owner of a NFL team, I don't really care.  When I'm looking at drafting a player, the only off-field issues I'm concerned with are things related to drugs, gambling, arrest for abuse and violent crimes.  If a player interacts with an agent, I'm really not worried about that.  It has no bearing for me as an owner of an NFL franchise.  The simple fact is that agents are smarter than kids in those situations and can get a kid into trouble really easy.  Of course it has to be looked into because, in many instances, if a player has one problem off the field, they may very well have others.  I care about how well a player handles their off field issues more than I care about what that issue is providing it has nothing to do with the above mentioned issues.  That tells me more about a person than the fact that they made a mistake.  Marcell got suspended for interacting with an agent.  To his credit he kept his mouth shut and after his suspension, he let his play speak for itself.  I think the kid is fine and I would not hesitate to draft him in the top ten.  Evaluating off field issues is different for every kid when you are taking about drafting.  No two off field issues are alike.  I feel that there is a direct correlation in most cases to off field maturity and how mature a player plays on the field.  Marcell's play on the field has made me feel that he has turned the corner --  perhaps not all the way, but at least he has started.  Everything comes easy to Marcell because he has so much talent, but at the next level he will have to work hard.  I think he will work hard because he will not want to let anybody down.  I think he got a good scare with that suspension and I think now he realizes that football could be taken away from him at any time and it scared him.  A year ago I might have suggested that Marcell was a boom or bust player.  Now I'm going to tell you that Marcell has the potential to be one of the better defensive linemen in the NFL in the near future.  Marcell (The Caretaker) Dareus...remember that name.


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  Drew Boylhart   Dec/10