Marcus Cannon   OT   TCU


 Round 2



Marcus is a big offensive tackle with strong athletic ability.  He has the potential to play the position of right offensive tackle at a very high level in the future.  I do feel that he might have the ability to play left offensive tackle at a very high level also.  He shows good feet and has nice overall quickness to mirror his opponent in pass coverage.  Marcus has those long arms that will help him to push speed rushes up the field and he has the size to deal with the bull rushes on the inside.  Marcus played the left side right for his college team in a spread offense and did a solid job.  He was moved over from the right side this year and showed the athletic talent to play the left side at the next level.  Marcus' workouts will dictate in this draft where he will be selected and, if they are good, he could easily slip into the latter part of the first round.  Marcus has good developmental talent to become an excellent offensive tackle for the team that drafts him.



Marcus needs to get in better shape and get a lot stronger in his upper body.  I think if Marcus improves his physical strength, loses about 20 lbs and, in the process, gains muscle mass, I think this kid's hidden athletic talents will really shine through.  Right now, Marcus has the body of a guard with the athletic talent of a tackle. Marcus also needs a lot of technique work because he has not played the left tackle position for very long and was in a spread offense.  He needs some good coaching to become the player his talents suggest that he can become.



Marcus has the potential to be a Pro Bowl offensive lineman.  It will all be up to him and how hard he wants it. He looks like a hard worker on the field and he does not give up when he blocks.  He takes pride in his play, but I think knows he could be better, but just hasn't had the time to improve because he was shifted to the left side this year.  I think he understands that the left side is very different in pass blocking,  and he will work to improve his ability in this area.  I can see his frustration in himself on plays, which is a very good thing.  That means that Marcus is not happy with his own play in spite of the encouragement that the coaches are giving him. I do see a budding star in this kid and, if his workouts and interviews solidify my suspicions, look for Marcus on the field in the future to prove me right. 




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