Marcus Gilbert   OT   Florida


 Round 6



Marcus has the athletic ability to play right tackle or right guard in the NFL.  He has good size and moves well, at times, with surprising agility for his size.  He looks to be a good teammate and understands his assignments very well as he watches his opponent play.  Marcus has played a lot of games for his college team and different positions on the offensive line.  So it surprises me how ineffective his play is.    



First, Marcus looks to be out of shape for the college level.  His foot speed is very right guard-like.  His overall strength seems to be at a high school leve.  The fact that he went to the combine and did not work out except for running the 40 tells me he knows he is not in shape; if he was hurt, he would not have run the 40.  He is always off balance when blocking for the run because he is not strong and will not bring his feet.  His initial move is very good when pass blocking, but after that move, he breaks down because of a lack of strength and techniques.  The only redeeming factor is that Marcus has played different positions on the line, which may explain why his techniques are so poor; on the other hand, the truth is that they are poor techniques for any position on the line.   



Between watching Marcus and Mike Pouncey in the Alabama game botch assignments, screw up snaps and miss blocks, I thought my head was going to explode!  I don't think I have ever seen anything like it for a high profile college offensive line.  It just comes to this for Marcus: he has to develop a better work ethic.  He is lazy.  I can see a team being tempted in the later rounds and drafting Marcus.  He does show some talent, but Marcus should be better and should be considered a top lineman in this draft because of his talent.  Marcus has not progressed at all from year to year -- in fact, he has gotten worse.  I just think there are too many hard working kids that want it more than this kid does.  Marcus might think he wants it, he might be wishing all of his life that he wants it, but Marcus has no clue how much work has to go into that much wishing.  He has talent, he comes from big program, he has played in a lot of games, but he is not a sleeper.  This is where I look at the smaller schools for talent if there is nobody left from the larger schools on the board before I would draft Marcus.


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