Marcus Gilchrist   S/CB   Clemson


 Round 1



Marcus has good size, speed and excellent quickness to be an impact defensive back that day after you draft him in the NFL.  He is strong, smart and an extension of the coaches on the field.  He is a head up, wrap up, squeeze and drive tackler and, because of his tackling abilities, can play safety or corner depending on the defensive system that a team plays.  Marcus is a special teams dream come true.  He will be one of the first players down the field to cover and has the quickness to make the first man miss when returning punts. There are only a few players in this draft with the overall ability to impact as a starting S/CB as well as on special teams, but Marcus is one of them.  



Marcus might not have the make-up speed you would like to see in a corner for the next level, but he can do everything else at a Pro Bowl level.



It wasn't until the Senior Bowl that I got a true handle on how talented this kid really is.  They used him in coverage on the player in the slot and this kid had no problems at all.  He would be good at corner, but he would have to be in a system that makes a QB throw quickly.  He can be beat with the long ball.  If you play him at strong safety, he can handle it, but I think because of his size, injuries would become a problem. So it seems to me that the kid is a natural free safety with the ability to made a solid impact on special teams.  I know Marcus will not be drafted until later in this draft.  For you newbie's, that's not what the Talent Board Rating (TBR) is all about.  The TBR is to tell you what kind of talent this kid has compared to others in this draft, how quickly he might impact in the NFL and where I would consider drafting a player with talent like Marcus. That being said, look at Rob's board for what round Marcus will be drafted and then consider your team lucky if they draft him in any round.  It is the history of the draft that safeties do not get picked in prime time unless they have unusual talent, size and production.  Marcus doesn't have unusual size, but he does have excellent production and great talent. I'm suggesting to you that if Marcus was an inch taller, had five more pounds to his body and ran a 4.3 instead of a 4.4 in the forty, he would probably be considered a pure cornerback and first rounder in this draft. Remember the politics of the draft insist that listing a person as 1st round talent and drafting a person in the 1st round are two different issues and sometimes they do not come together and meet in the same spot.  That's what makes the draft so interesting.  


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