Martez Wilson   LB   Illinois


 Round 5



Martez has the size that you look for in an NFL linebacker.  He has nice, long arms and looks really good in his uniform. That's it... that's all I got after looking at film of Martez.  As of this writing, Martez is being listed as a player that should be selected in the first three rounds. 



In the film that I watched of Martez, I never saw him break a sweat.  I never saw him go at full speed.  I never saw him shed a block.  The truth is, I'm not sure why the coaches had him on the field.  He looks confused most of the time out on the field.  He takes false steps and is fooled a lot.  He trails plays and watches others make tackles.  I know he also had a neck injury and that needs to be checked out.



I have spent way too much time watching film on this kid and wondering why he is even on the board to be drafted.  I see nothing in his play that makes me think that he is going to be an impact player at the next level.  I guess before his neck injury that maybe Martez was a pretty good football player.  However, all I can tell you is what I see on the film and what I see is a kid struggling to get over a serious injury who is not close to being ready for the NFL.  Personally, I would have a very hard time keeping him on my board and even looking at him as a free agent is a stretch.  Maybe with a few years under his belt, this kid can turn it around, but for me I would let someone else take on this project.  Remember, I do all my profiles from film.  I do not copy what others are saying about a player and this is what I see on film.  I don't understand why this kid is coming out early. 


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 Drew Boylhart    Feb/11