Mason Foster   LB   Washington


 Round 2



Mason has good size and athletic ability to play his position at a very high level.  He has those long arms that make it easy for a linebacker like him to shed blocks and keep opponents off his legs.  Mason is the type of player who could play more than one linebacker position in different styles of defense.  He has the athletic ability, strength and quickness to play inside or out along with good bulk to make tackles in the hole. I have seen Mason with his hand on the ground and then, on the very next play, in coverage man-to-man with the slot receiver and on the next play, stuff the run.  Mason shows excellent instincts and should become a core player and fan favorite for the team that drafts him.



Mason doesn't show the consistent leadership skills that I would expect from a player with his talents and skills.  He played on a bad team and when things went poorly, Mason struggled to lead and make the players around him better, demanding more effort from them. He is a very good player and if he learns how to lead during times of adversity, he can be a Pro Bowl player.



No matter how bad a situation, I have never seen London Fletcher (LB Redskins) ever stop directing players, play with all out intensity or give his best effort on every play.  The Redskins have struggled as a team, but without London, I suggest things would have been worse.  Mason gets down when his team is playing badly.  He continues to give effort, but his intensity level drops and in so doing, sends that signal to his teammates.  He must be the one on the field that sends the signal that no matter what the score is, you still have to give your best.  To be the player Mason's talents suggest that he can become, he has to step up his mental stamina.  He must learn to work harder through adversity.  His athletic talents on the field suggest that he should be a leader.  He may be able to hide in the NFL because there will be players as talented as Mason is, but in college, his teammates looked naturally to him to lead and Mason did not always answer the call.  Mason Foster has the talent to be a very good linebacker at the next level.  He also has the talent to be one of the best linebackers at the next level if he learns to lead.  But either way, if you don't draft him too high in this draft, you have gotten good value as you have drafted yourself a pretty good linebacker who can play more than one position in different styles of defense.  That's not bad, not bad at all.  


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 Drew Boylhart   Feb/11