Mikel LeShoure   RB   Illinois


 Round 2



Mikel has excellent size, strength and speed to be an impact running back for the team that drafts him.  He shows great effort on every play and, on film, looks to have terrific hands to catch the ball out of the backfield and make a big play.  Mikel, right now, is best in open space.  He has that effortless stride that makes him look like he is not going fast until he runs right by his opponent who is startled by Mikel's speed.  Mike runs with good power and has excellent balance, which makes it hard to arm tackle him in the hole.  Mikel wants to be the man.  He wants to carry his team's running game, but at the same time, he looks to be an excellent teammate and understands that it will take a team effort to win. 



Right now, Mikel struggles to run with consistency through the tackles.  He drops his head as he hits the hole, loses the ability to have vision in the hole to cut and make a play when his blockers are struggling.  Mikel needs to learn to be patient and wait for his blocks.  Mikel just runs to where the hole is supposed to be instead of looking for cut backs and other options.  Mikel is not a very good pass blocker and to stay on the field and take advantage of his natural receiving skills, he will need to learn to read the blitz and block much better than he does right now.  He looks like a good kid with a good attitude and work ethic so with good coaching he should be able to learn what he needs to learn to impact at the next level.



Mikel is the type of player who could be drafted in the first round if his workouts are good.  He has excellent athletic talent and reminds me of Edgerrin James (4th pick of the 1999 draft by the Colts).  Mikel is not as complete a running back as James was when he came out, but he does show the same style, skills and athletic talent.  Mikel just needs to get some good coaching and, as long as he is willing to learn, he should become the running back his talents suggest that he can become.  You have to like the effort Mikel gives when running through the tackles.  He is not afraid of contact and, in a zone block scheme, Mikel could impact right away.  However, Mikel has the talent to eventually impact in any style of offense in the future.  He has the pure speed to make the big play along with the size to break tackles and the natural receiving skills to be a three down back.  He does have a lot to learn, but as I said, as long as he is willing to learn Mikel should be something special.  Give Mikel some time and this kid will shine.  Keep Looking at Rob's Value board to see where this kid will be drafted. I think teams like the Saints, Falcons, Patriots, Bears, Packers just might be interested in drafting Mikel in the first round.


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 Drew Boylhart    Feb/11