Muhammad Wilkerson   DT   Temple


 Round 4



Muhammad has good size to play his position at the next level.  He also has solid overall athletic ability.  He has those long arms that you like to see in a defensive lineman that will allow him to keep blockers off his legs as he controls the line of scrimmage.  Mohammad is used in a 4-3 defense and looks to be a pure 4-3 defensive lineman.  He works well in the middle of the line and is quick enough to shoot through a gap and pressure a passer.  Those long arms will also impact Muhammad's ability to knock down passes and frustrate QB's at the next level.



Muhammad may have good athletic ability, but he has lazy feet.  He makes his initial move and then...nothing.  He is easy to move off the line of scrimmage and gain yardage in the run game against him because he does not use his hands very well.  When he shoots the gap, too often he forgets to bring his feet, then lunges and is off balance.  Muhammad doesn't play all the time with the passion to dominate his opponent, which is very troubling to me.



All I can say is that Muhammad has lots of talent, but doesn't seem to have the drive.  I have him on film against Army and undersized offensive linemen pushed him around in the running game like a wet, sloppy mop all game long.  They went right at him every time they needed yards inside the tackles.  When they went outside, I saw him trail plays, but not attempt to close and make a tackle.  His lateral agility is not the best, so suggesting he could be a defensive end in a 3-4 is questionable, in my opinion.  He does not have the techniques or run stuffing ability to be a nose tackle in a 3-4 either. If you draft Muhammad, you are drafting a player right now that does not dominate his opponents, which, with his size and athletic abilities, is shocking.  I look for players in the first three rounds that dominate their opponents when they are on the field.  In this day and age of the NFL, I let other teams draft developmental players unless I think they have the football intelligence and work ethic to learn quickly.  Right now on film, I do not see that with Muhammad.  I see a player just getting by at the college level.


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 Drew Boylhart   Feb/11